Worried about tennis star Holger Rune: – Something’s wrong

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STAR: Holger Rune during the Madrid Open.

Holger Rune’s (20) coaching situation has left Danish tennis expert Peter Bastiansen scratching his head. He was afraid that the international press would gather around Rune in Rome.


Holger Rune’s longtime Danish coach, Lars Christensen, will not be present during the Italian Open. It writes Danish Television 2.

For more than a month, the Danish tennis favorite has been playing matches in major tournaments without Christensen sitting in the coach’s box – the Miami Open was the last time a coach was involved.

Christensen is scheduled to return to the Italian Open in Rome this week. Nothing will come of it.

– There is something wrong. We can confirm that. From the outside it’s hard to know what the problem is and who is in between, but one thing or another isn’t as it should be, Peter Bastiansen told Danish Television 2.

Rune has had Christensen as his coach since he was seven years old.

– On the one hand, of course, surprising, but I can understand it too. At one point or another, Rune may have to move on. There may come a time when it will be interesting to have an international coach with more experience, Bastiansen speculates.

There has been no concrete statement regarding the situation from the Rune faction. Bastiansen considers it unwise.

– I think everyone deserves a statement. Otherwise, we will just sit and guess, as we are doing now. The international press would ask Holger this at every opportunity, and we wanted to avoid it, he said.

– Suddenly, Rune was spending too much energy dealing with something that wasn’t about playing on a tennis court. And it eats away at strength. At some point there will be consequences for Rune, said Bastiansen.

Rune is seeded number seven in Rome and will play his first game on Friday.


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