A 13-year-old Palestinian boy attacked in Jerusalem, shooting two men

According to a rescue statement, cited by the AFP office, the incident occurred at around 10:00 CET in the Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem. “(The victims are) a 23-year-old man who is in serious condition and another 47-year-old man who is in moderate to serious condition,” a rescue spokesman said. According to him, the two men had injuries to their upper bodies and were conscious when they were taken to the hospital.

According to Israeli media, the injured were a father and son. The attack took place on the road to the City of David archaeological area, which is one of the most visited monuments in Jerusalem.

Police later said the attacker was overpowered by two armed civilians who injured him.

The city was tense after an attack on a synagogue on Friday, when a man opened fire on people leaving after prayers, killing seven of them. Police also killed the attacker, who Israeli media said was a 21-year-old Palestinian.

Security forces said they were at the scene shortly after the attack due to tighter security measures in the city.

Shooting in Jerusalem left seven people dead, assailant shot dead


On Saturday, a protest against justice reforms, promoted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, should take place in Jerusalem. According to the Times of Israel website, it is not clear how the improved security conditions will be reflected in the protests. According to the server, the largest demonstration is expected to take place in Tel Aviv. Last week, 100,000 people took to the streets in Israel against the reforms.

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