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It’s poised for a very important week in Norwegian football. It kicks off with the traditional Easter Day round and will be followed by a postponed semi-final in the cup between Bod/Glimt and Vikings on Thursday, before returning to the elite series next weekend, including a new showdown between Bod pride and Stavanger.

However, it is impossible to completely let go of the emotions evoked by the biggest club game a Norwegian team has played in this millennium, which was played by the league’s reigning champions from Nordland at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on Maundy Thursday.

And last but not least, it is impossible to avoid discussion of the exclusion of Bodø/Glimt head coach, Kjetil Knutsen. What he himself referred to as “harassing” in an interview with NRK the next day.

An attack. No less.

It’s a powerful and highly charged word – and it is can greatly influence the future performance of Norway’s best team, if one is to continue to nurture this historical presentation at Aspmyra.

It’s not like the Bodø/Glimt victims have grown to be a force factor as well on a European level.

On the contrary, they have had tremendous success in exuding incredible faith and confidence around their own projects.

It bordered on arrogance in his expression, but it was impressive arrogance.

It clearly contained an element of cynicism. But it was cynicism that was admired, while others jolted through a series of shocking victories.


But when it mattered most, Glimt were beaten in exactly the areas they have mastered so well for over two years, through Italy’s belief in their own skills as well as in the part of the game that takes place off the pitch.

Be it on the coach bench, in the player tunnel, or the forum microphone.

In the midst of sporting success through three games against Roma, they forgot what tactical knowledge José Mourinho and his team-mates actually had. And must avoid it. Because when the pressure on Mourinho is at its heaviest, he knows exactly how to strike back.

Bodø / Glimt being what it is called in English «tricked»It is “Clever”in Norwegian that doesn’t exist – but which probably should.

Because we don’t have the right words.

At first glance they are not deceived, they are not defeated. They were tricked.

Now they have to show they can use experience to strike back, using pretty good linguistic imagery.

The role of the victim in disguise

There’s no doubting that Kjetil Knutsen felt he was being treated unfairly after his battle with Roma goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos in Bod. Or that he has a full right to feel it.

But that doesn’t determine the outcome of the game.

And when it comes to harassment in such a context, it’s easy to think that it’s time to take a deep breath and change the focus of management at Aspmyra.

Well, it’s Easter, and in that sense a time of year that more than anyone justifies such a thing, but there’s no point in anyone, and especially Kjetil Knutsen, to develop this victim role any further.

CONTENTS: The match between Glimt and Roma offers plenty of drama both on and off the pitch.

Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB

wrong focus

For Bodø / Glimt clearly lost, and they lost part of it to themselves.

For the returning star, Ola Solbakken repeated something significant after the defeat at the Olympic Stadium:

Non-sporting noise may be too focused on the most important game the club has ever seen.

And it was Bodø / Glimt himself who did this first and foremost.

Only the mental coach, with all due respect, posed from the coaching staff at the press conference the day before the game.

Without him or the team’s mediocre and charming captain, Ulrik Saltnes, allowed to answer questions about head coach Knutsen’s exclusion. But when Glimt’s appeal was unsurprisingly rejected, an urgent press conference was held with general manager Frode Thomassen.

It was a clear signal of what was most important. And that is the wrong signal.

This continued until the delayed arrival at Bodo one day after the match.

It still happens that despite previous provocations, Kjetil Knutsen has hit back – and also quietly admitted the day after the game at the Bod had put the Roma coach on the ground.

Then you get punished. Then you will be suspended. Then you have to watch the game from the stands.

This is not abuse, there are rules.

Kjetil Knutsen

WORD: Kjetil Knutsen’s vocabulary got a lot of attention after the interview he gave to NRK after the Rome trip.

Photo: Mats Torbergsen / MTO

That the Roma coach should not be actively involved around the team in match situations is equally clear.

But if this violates the terms of the suspension, then it is up to UEFA, not anyone else, to impose further sanctions.

You are no closer to legal certainty in today’s football system. And it’s not really the system that’s the issue here, whatever Bodø / Glimt wants to show.

And it would be surprising if Bodø / Glimt didn’t notice it himself.

Relative cynicism

On the fifth day, it’s time for the Bodø team to come back as a team with a focus on yourself and what you can create yourself.

And take the experience of what is truly a pure adventure. Already in July, there was a new round of Champions League qualification. Last year, Glimt was far from beating Poland’s Legia Warsaw. Now impressions of an unrivaled series of matches over the fall and winter season will be the basis for taking it a step further where it matters most.

Then you can’t blame cynicism. That’s international football. And actually should. And Glimt had learned more than they were willing to admit.

Because when they go to the broadcast of the NRK Cup semi-finals on Thursday, they can see in the stands. There sat Aalesund.

Not with the coach, but the whole team – who in practice missed out on the opportunity to experience the big spotlight this year, through a fine combination of the awkwardness of the Norwegian Football Association and the underlying cynicism of Bodø/Glimt. They will perform in Europe. And got support for it.

Then Aalesund’s trophy adventure could be sacrificed.

That’s far from fair. And far from being called harassment.

  • Elite series round 18.00 and the main match between Glimt and VIF 20.00 You can, as usual, follow NRK Sport on the radio.

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