Be careful in Rome and Florence, the Italian government warns of hot weather. Even healthy people are at risk

An extreme heat wave hit the southern part of Europe. According to the Italian Ministry of Health, the highest alert is in place in the country for Saturday in 15 cities, including tourist destinations such as Rome, Florence or Bologna. It’s around 40 degrees in the Italian capital. The so-called red level warning signals a risk even for healthy people.

Italian Ministry of Health recommend, so that people in the most affected cities avoid direct sunlight between eleven in the morning and six in the evening. The instructions also contain advice on how to store food, how to consume alcohol or coffee, or how to use the air conditioner.

Sea and land temperatures are monitored using satellites by the European Space Agency. According to him, extreme conditions could also occur in Spain, France, Germany and Poland in the coming days. In the Czech Republic, temperatures can reach 38 degrees Celsius on weekends.

The hottest measurement on record occurred in Europe in August 2021 in Sicily, where the temperature reached 48.8 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists warn that temperatures on the Italian island could approach these values ​​in the coming days.

According to experts, the current heatwave is caused by the anticyclone Kerberos, which should be replaced by another anticyclone Charón, which will bring even higher temperatures. “Real heat has not yet occurred… we expect the highest temperature to occur on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Italian Adnkronos news agency quoted Italian meteorologist Mattia Gussoni as saying. Instead, the airflow is causing pressure drops and erratic cold weather over the British Isles, writes the BBC.

Meteorologists refer to areas of higher air pressure in the atmosphere that descend towards the Earth’s surface as anticyclones, or high pressures; in Europe in the summer, this phenomenon is usually associated with an absence of cloud cover or precipitation and is mostly due to weak winds.

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