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It was the first speech by a Western leader to deputies of the Supreme Council of Ukraine since the start of the war. Boris Johnson has confirmed that our neighbors will receive £300 million in military aid. This includes radar, drones, night vision devices and armored vehicles for the evacuation of civilians.

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Ukrainian military blows up bridge near Russian column

Johnson: I believe and know that Ukraine will win

“Our Parliament, like yours, continued to meet during the conflict, and Britain showed such unity and determination that we remember the moment of greatest danger as our best,” Johnson said, recalling the situation in Europe during World War II.

This is the best time in Ukraine. He will be remembered for generations to come. Your children and grandchildren will say that the Ukrainian people have taught the world that the brutal strength of an aggressor means nothing when he stands against the moral strength of a nation determined to be independent.

They will say that the Ukrainians have proven with their perseverance and dedication that tanks and cannons cannot suppress a nation fighting for independence. That’s why I believe and know that Ukraine will win

– stressed the British Prime Minister. This refers to the famous speech of Winston Churchill, who in June 1940 called for courage before the upcoming Battle of England. It is the third speech he has made about a month after taking office as British Prime Minister.

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Johnson also acknowledged that the West made a big mistake in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. – The West, according to him, reacted too slowly, did not understand what was happening and failed to impose sanctions. “We can’t make the same mistakes,” he said.

The UK has also pledged to provide Ukraine with funding, humanitarian assistance and, among other things, anti-sulphur missiles and Stormer armored vehicles with anti-aircraft missile launchers. Assistance will continue as long as needed.

During his visit to India in late April, Johnson said that the Ukrainian army was studying how to operate 120 British armored vehicles in the UK, and that they were preparing to operate anti-aircraft missiles in Poland.

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Parts of the British opposition believe Prime Minister Johnson is trying to score political points this way. Local elections will be held in England, Wales and Scotland in two days and the prognosis for the Conservatives is not good. The Liberal Democrats asked why the prime minister did not announce an aid package to Ukraine in parliament last week, before the current session’s break. – Could Boris Johnson delay the move so he can announce it during a tough election week? That would be very cynical, said party lawmaker Layla Moran.

Expensive modernization of the Russian army did not contribute to success in Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defense believes that the expensive modernization of the army did not bring success to Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. British intelligence estimates that the Russian Federation doubled its defense budget between 2005 and 2018. The investment includes modern equipment for the army, air force and navy.

Britain also pointed out that investment did not contribute to the success of the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine. They point to mistakes in strategic planning and in conducting military operations as the main reason for their failure. “Numerical advantage does not mean advantage on the battlefield. Currently, the Russian army is significantly weakened, both materially and morally. Reconstruction of the military potential will be difficult because of the sanctions imposed,” said the analysis published by the Ministry.

British intelligence stressed that the defeats suffered during the invasion of Ukraine would have a lasting negative impact on the combat capabilities of the Russian army.

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