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The British royal family is perhaps the most famous and talked about royal house in the world, and you still hear about the family’s scandals, intrigues and controversies in the media.

Another royal scandal

Like most families in the spotlight, it is sometimes a hot spot, and members of the royal family are on several occasions criticized – both within the family and from without.

Recently during a visit by Prince William, 39, and Duchess Kate, 40, to Jamaica in March, the royal family was accused of, among other things, “perpetuating slavery”.

RECORDED BY CAMERA: Queen Elizabeth’s comments drew a lot of attention. Photo: PA Media. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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Experts now believe that the British royal family and its strong reputation are in an unstable position.

– Did he rob?

In recent years, scandals have surfaced on the assembly line, and the defining event was when Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) stepped down from their royal duties, moved across the Atlantic and settled in California in 2020.

Both of them internal and external hitting the news hard, and a sea of ​​headlines, accusations and speculation is underway. This would also persist in later times, and especially the British media eventually adopted the term “Megxit” as a term for the incident.

DEFENSE: Since the couple married in 2018, criticism has continued to emerge.  Photo:

DEFENSE: Since the couple married in 2018, criticism has continued to emerge. Photo:
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– They had a fantastic wedding and everything was fine, but suddenly they explained that they were not going to live in England anymore and would be moving. It was like lightning from a clear sky, and then the snowball started rolling, Swedish court expert Johan T. Lindwall told Dagbladet, adding:

– The British people thought that Meghan had robbed him of Great Britain.

Has reached completion

Has reached completion

However, it should be mentioned that Duchess Meghan in particular had to endure a lot of criticism in the British media before leaving, and in the duke couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, she left nothing in between when she described how tough she is. experience it.

HOPELESS: Oprah Winfrey’s interview about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is eye-catching. Video: CBS
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Lindwall stressed that the British royal family is in crisis.

– The British royal family has been and is in crisis, for sure. It will end in a deeper crisis on the day the queen dies. Then all this incident should be handled by Charles. How it will be received by the British people is unknown. People had great faith in the queen, and without her, this crisis would be much, much deeper, she believed.

Touching homage after the prince's death

Touching homage after the prince’s death

– Very difficult for Charles

Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, was also among members of the royal family aware of the immense media pressure. The princess is often referred to as the “people’s daughter”, and her death is still considered a great national tragedy.

– It was very quiet after Diana and everything that happened around her death in 1997, but they fixed it and came on the plus side, says Lindwall.

By revelation: - Have

By revelation: – Has “brushed” his teeth

Recently, however, things have become sharper thanks to the duke’s move to the United States, and a buzzing interview with 68-year-old Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

According to Lindwall, the scandal has been “layered,” meaning that the queen, among other things, has had to distance herself from the family.

“Queen Elizabeth must distance herself from her grandson, in this case Prince Harry, and she must distance herself from her son, Prince Andrew,” he said.

Prince Harry: Prince Harry talks to Oprah in a new series with Apple.
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Prince Charles, 73, is heir to the queen’s throne, meaning that he becomes the head of the family after the queen’s death. When asked how Prince Charles would handle the job as king after his mother, Lindwall replied:

– It’s just looking at another job. Has there been anyone before you who has done a flawless job and has everyone’s confidence, it’s a nightmare. Someone would rather take over for someone who has done a bad job and not everyone has their trust. Then you start from a much simpler position. Taking over someone who has done a great job, like Queen Elizabeth, would be very difficult for Prince Charles.

- Newspaper killed his mother

– Newspaper killed his mother

Caribbean Tour

As previously mentioned, Prince William, 39, and Duchess Kates, 40, traveled to Jamaica last week as part of their Caribbean tour. Here they met the opposition of the residents who, among other things, protested the royal visit before arrival.

It also didn’t take long before they received references from a group of Jamaicans, who accused Queen Elizabeth, 95, and her descendants of “perpetuating slavery”.

HOPELESS: Oprah Winfrey’s interview about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is eye-catching. Video: CBS
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When it became known that the duke and princess would be visiting Jamaica, more than 100 people also went together to send an open letter to the British royal family. The letter asked Prince William, among other things, to apologize for the royal family’s role in the slave trade, to which he responded in a speech.

Criticism and scandal have plagued the British royal family for a long time, and Lindwall is confident that this will continue regardless of who sits on the throne.

TOUR IN THE CARIBBEAN: The Duke and Duchess recently visited Jamaica.  Here they visited Bob Marley's former home in Kingston.  Photo: Chris Jackson / Pa Photos / NTB

TOUR IN THE CARIBBEAN: The Duke and Duchess recently visited Jamaica. Here they visited Bob Marley’s former home in Kingston. Photo: Chris Jackson / Pa Photos / NTB
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– It will always do that. These are living organisms. It is something that moves all the time, and happens organically. “I think Jamaica is the last thing they need to worry about,” he said.

Lindwall also said that the queen had a lot to deal with during the day, but she still wouldn’t leave her royal duties without having the last word.

PRINCE AT THE PARTY: After allegations of abuse and questions about the late Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship, Prince Andrew said in a new interview that he doesn’t understand how he got his stamp of “party prince” because he no longer party. Pictures of the Prince of Saint-Tropez say otherwise. Photo: Coleman-Rayner / Stella Pictures. Clip: Emilie Rydning
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– What Elizabeth will have to deal with in the future is Harry and Meghan, and what will happen there. What will it look like in the future? Also Prince Andrew and what it looks like, he went on and added:

– There are things he will finish on the day he dies. He didn’t want to leave life on earth with something unfinished, he wanted everything to be complete and clear, he believed.

Many scandals King of Sweden

Many scandals King of Sweden

– Really loves the queen

Royal house expert Caroline Vagle confirms that the royal family has been going through tough times in recent years.

– There is no doubt that the British monarchy and its reputation have been hit by a number of scandals in recent years. But they have also been hit by scandals before without significantly weakening the queen’s reputation.

Vagle believed that Britain’s loyalty to the queen would continue despite the scandals that emerged.

CAKE TIME: Queen Elizabeth had to bounce the big cake off in a powerful way. Videos: AP
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– For England loves the queen very much, and the support around her will be strong as long as she lives. Remember she has been queen for 70 years. Most people experience nothing else!

And the queen’s powerful position in the country may, as noted, have grave consequences for the heir to the throne of Queen Elizabeth:

– I’m not at all convinced that support for the monarchy in general is as strong, which could quickly affect his successor Prince Charles the day he leaves, Vagle believes.

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