But that’s a coincidence! The author of “Anna Karenina”? Gajewska: Bulgakov

I just finished reading Anna Karenina, MP Kinga Gajewska said in an interview with Robert Mazurek in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in 2017. But do you remember the author? – asked the editor of Mazurek. “Bulgakov?” – asked the MP shyly from Platforma Obywatelska. The conversation that did not bring glory to the MP was remembered by one Internet user.

Kinga Gajewska, a well-known member of parliament from the Civic Platform, gives an interview to Robert Mazurek in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. It would be nothing extraordinary if it weren’t for PO politicians constantly exposing their ignorance of current politics and history. Recall that Kinga Gajewska is a political science graduate at the University of Warsaw.

Gajewska, who – interestingly – is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth, has repeatedly allowed herself to be cornered by Robert Mazurek, who on the occasion of a conversation with an MP from PO, also decided to put her to the test. knowledge of basic issues concerning the European Union, politics and culture. However, the knowledge test did not fare well.

Shocking ignorance

MP Gajewska, one of the biggest Euro stalwarts in the Polish parliament, claims that the European Union was founded after the war, and the concordat regulates issues relating to compromise abortion. To make matters worse, he kept getting the date and name wrong every time.

The climax of Gajewska’s conversation with Mazurek is reached when the topic of conversation turns to literature. However, there is no particular consideration of the long phrasing of Young Polish works or the “Contemporary Generation” in Polish poetry, but of the basic classics of world prose. When the editor of Mazurek Gajewska asked what he had read recently, he replied that “he just finished Anna Karenina”. When asked who the author of the book was, after a short silence, he shyly asked: “Bulgakov?”.

No, but also Russians. Leo Tolstoy

– MP Robert Mazurek corrected.

Nobody expects MPs to have specialized knowledge in all areas of life and culture. However, if you are dealing with pro-EU manifestations, it is decency to know at least when the EU was founded. The situation is the same when you are a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth and are in charge of the educational program for Polish youth, and you live by the belief that “Anna Karenina” was written by Mikhail Bulgakov. Unfortunately, both cases were filled by Kinga Gajewska.

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