Czech expert on the capabilities of the Polish army. Opinion matters!

Poland is the only country in the EU that for many years has taken into account the possibility of conventional warfare in its military strategy,” wrote Czech security analyst Lukáš Visingr on the portal.


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The war in Ukraine and the combat capabilities of European armies

The author points out that most analysts – including himself – have been overestimating the capabilities of the Russian armed forces for years, which is clearly confirmed by the first few days of the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Russian aggression made many European governments realize the need to change their existing defense policies.

Experts emphasize that most European armies have been severely cut, and the most emphatic case is Germany. Visingr wrote of the Bundeswehr’s true defensive potential that it was “absolutely ridiculous”.

Many experts believe that Warsaw has the best army in Europe in terms of actual operational capability; some jokingly added that Poland would destroy the entire Bundeswehr in one day

– points out in his article a Czech security analyst.

The best Polish army in the whole EU “

As we further learn, “Poland is the only country in the EU that for many years has taken the possibility of conventional warfare into account in its military strategy.”

According to Lukáš Visingr, our army, in terms of real operational capabilities, is the best in the entire European Union.

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