esk crown dl chase my world. Is there a chance the course will be delivered?

esk crown last month celebrated 30 years of existence and celebrated its birthday with great gusto. Recently, there has been a systematic decline in world currencies, including the euro and the US dollar. The crown thus surprised a large number of domestic and international analysts But should I continue the gym?

As the darkness still seeks me, last week XTB posted on their YouTube channel small riverin which the most important aspects of the current situation are summarized, and for those wishing to provide information, the details analytical report exchange not only for the present, but also for historical events on domestic currencies and their impact on monetary policy in the future.

The fact that the crown would strengthen in the current situation was welcomed by many. This is largely due to world macroeconomic events. In particular, the weakening of the US dollar is very positive for me. Europe’s ongoing energy crisis and the slow pace of factory openings have no doubt had an impact on exchange rates. In addition to the crown, the value of, for example, the Polish zloty or Hungarian forint also began to increase. No one’s growth is not as radical as the Czech crown. So what’s unique about this situation?

Based onJan Berka, editor of, there are several unique factors behind this that set us apart from our Visegrad counterparts. In the current situation, koruna will receive the label of safe position, and it is thanks to the National Bank and its potential intervention, if the volatility of koruna increases. On the one hand, this fact attracted foreign investors thanks to the stability of the exchange rate, and on the other hand, discouraged speculators. Also, thanks to the risk tolerance we have seen in financial markets in recent weeks, investment is starting to flow back into less developed markets. This is in accordance with the crown’s favor, because although the Czech Republic is relatively developed, compared to other countries in this category, it is one of the strongest economies, so investing in R can be considered less risky than in Poland or Hungary.

But crown growth is uncertain. Pessimism is starting to return to financial markets, the energy crisis has not been fully resolved and R’s future economic situation is in doubt. Progress in the following weeks and months will be the same for crowns.

If you want to learn more about this topic, stream it The Czech crown is the strongest since 2008! and analytical reports 30 years with the Czech crown available for free on YouTube and the XTB website.

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