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You can get smoke detectors for a few hundred and accurate carbon monoxide sensors that will last for years for several thousand. But what about having one more box in the hallway that starts beeping an hour before the end of the world?

This is what the web is all about exaluminal.com. According to recent reports, it was just a joke and a promo for the page’s author, but that doesn’t detract from the idea..

What exactly is it about? The hypothetical exaluminal explains the way how to detect the nearest supernova explosion first – a collapsing star that emits extreme amounts of energy during an explosion.

Supernovas can wipe out the ozone layer

If a supernova is in the vicinity of our system, a stream of high-energy photons – especially gamma rays – could damage the ozone layer after reacting with oxygen and nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.

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The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant SN 1054

This planet will lose its own key shield against ultraviolet radiationthat ozone absorbs, and a cataclysmic spiral will set in motion that will disrupt global ecosystems.

According to scientists, phytoplankton and related food chains in the shallow waters of the ocean and Czechs basking in the Adriatic Sea will be the first to jump in.

Besides that, some simulations a nearby supernova explosion in the distant past suggests that it would not overheat, life on Earth would survive without problems, and we would become only for some time a bluish glow in the sky disturbed.

The box beeps, so done in an hour

After all, Exaluminal was counting on a gamma-slapping supernova that would wipe out all life on Earth in an instant. However, such a star should be placed literally in our cosmic backyard, which is not yet on the agenda.

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When the green button starts flashing, there is only one hour left to read Živě.cz

But if it does, like in some disaster movies, the box will notify you an hour in advance. How would it know when the transmission of information could not exceed the speed of light from self-destructing radiation?

Supernovas will be revealed by neutrinos

We should catch the supernova explosion a bit earlier thanks to the strong neutrino pulse. While other photons created by the explosion inside the star would react with surrounding matter, so that the flash would take a moment to bubble up to the surface, the inert neutrinos would fly through the star’s mass like nothing and have a short lead. A better start that can last up to a few hours in the best case.

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Neutrinos would fly through the mass of the collapsing star at the speed of light, so they’d have an early start

Well, this large neutrino flash must then be picked up by a terrestrial current detector, which will send information to the Exaluminal network, and your box in the hallway will start flashing, beeping, and playing a song. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It from REM

You may have an hour or two to say goodbye to your loved ones, and all you have to do is set up your sun loungers in the garden or balcony, cool your drinks, and charge your cell phone so you can share one last look at your life. on social networks.

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