Football players do not celebrate Kovářov on Victory Day, Meteor takes points

KOVÁŘOV – A complete 21st round of class I.A group B and, in addition, Monday’s play-off of the postponed 18th round is on the agenda for the final long weekend for footballers in the intermediate regional competitions. Footballer Kovářov played an even game, but did not add points to the table. First, on Friday, Kovářov wasn’t quite up against Chýnov, and today he didn’t even score at home with Meteor Tábor. Coach Filip Škoch’s home team put in a gutsy display, but the key moment came after the hour mark, when Meteor rallied back to 0:3 with two goals in a row. Kovářov was also unlucky, for example Michal Brůžek, after some good individual action, only hit the bar with a cross and the ball flew straight into the keeper’s hands. Young substitute Adam Hejný dealt with a quarter-hour reduction from the end, Kovářov not enough for more – 1:3.

TJ ZD Kovářov – Tab Meteor FK 1:3

(0:1). Goals: 73. Hejný – 25. Lachout, 64. Fiala (pen.), 67. Neruda. Referee: Barva – Tupý, Jarolím. ŽK: 6–2 (Grůbr 2, J. Suchan, Kříž, Baštýř, M. Suchan – Fiala, Dařena). ČK: 1–0 (82.Grůbr – after 2.ŽK). 70 spectators watched.

Kovarov: Baštýř – Zítek, J. Suchan, V. Růzha (86. Kvasnička), Junek (22. Grůbr) – Děd, Kříž (71. Hejný) – Crab, Brůžek, Holub – M. Suchan (90. Buzek).

Meteor Camp: Včelák – Janošík, Fiala, Pípal, Pecka, Štumfol, Velek (80. Hera), Lachout, Sedláček, Dařena (82. Mrzena), Neruda (77. Štrincl).

Author: Pavel Pubal

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