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Natalia Debnárová09/19/2023

One word, one scent: Oratorio. The novelty of the Pigmentarium perfume house was inspired by the perception of the Prague locus of genius through the eyes of a foreigner. Perhaps that is why, at his own request, Guillaume Rossi, a Frenchman who has worked with Dior, Celine, Kenzo and Louis Vuitton, among others, became art director of the entire campaign. What brought the creative to the Czech Republic, what fascinated him about the scent and who he could envision it for, he revealed exclusively to Vogue CS during the premiere of the campaign video.

You are a creative director, film director and artist. Which of the following professions do you feel is the best?

As a multidisciplinary artist, I think my position as a creative director and film director is part of the process of creating a story. I like telling stories to people. No matter the method, tool, or team — it’s always exciting, but there are also doubts and fears. I don’t think any part of my job is easier or more comfortable. It depends on the project.

In recent years, you have gained the greatest visibility by collaborating with important fashion houses such as Dior, Kenzo or Louis Vuitton. Why are you moving in this direction professionally?

I think it mainly depends on who you meet and what contacts you make. I started working for Dior in 2016, when Instagram was just starting to go commercial. We had to consider social media, and that was a huge challenge. Working for LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, editor’s note) I always met great talents, crazy people and worked on great projects. Working with LVMH internal employees is also always interesting and rewarding.

Can you say which collaborations have been most enriching for you internally?

I can think of so many projects! But the biggest and most beautiful is the Dior collaboration. At that time, I collaborated with photographer Maripol, Madonna’s former stylist, who worked with Polaroid. Together we created a story for Air France Magazine. This one consisted of traveling around Paris and photographing local streets, galleries, bookstores and museums. I’m still young and it’s an honor to be the art director of such a project.

You want to create a new campaign for the Czech perfume brand Pigmentarium. How did you find out about him?

I think every brand, big or small, has a story behind it. I discovered the brand thanks to friends and social networks. I completely fell in love with Pigmentaria’s poetry and message.

Pigmentaria’s new fragrance was inspired by the perception of the genius locus of Prague through the eyes of a foreigner, which is your case. How is this reflected in the campaign?

I wanted to faithfully capture my own travel experiences. I want to tell the story of two people who travel not only through Prague, but also to themselves. The wonderful feeling of meeting new people, discovering new places and new people. That’s the campaign message.

We know very well that a good campaign will not be complete without an even better team. Who is involved in the overall advertising?

Ah! I think the star of the campaign is Tomáš (founder of the Pigmentarium brand, editor’s note). The whole team is very helpful and pleasant. Photographer Hana Knížová, filmmaker Anežka Horová, stylist are the most comfortable and kindest team I have ever worked with. Tomas plays five different roles and I think it’s really cool and fresh. I define the story in collaboration with him, we work together as a creative duo.

Where was the campaign filmed?

Since I didn’t know Prague beforehand, I asked Tomáš to pick his favorite place first. We then go to those places together and choose filming locations. In my opinion, the most beautiful thing is of course the church. It was a very emotional and powerful experience for me. In France, it is very difficult to film inside a church. It is almost impossible to get permission there. Even for big brands.

The composition of this perfume is based on the contrast of two main ingredients: tangerine and incense. Does it evoke a particular moment or memory?

I think it brings back a lot of memories from trips to Europe and North Africa. This gave me a sense of peace and security, as it should be in a place of religious contemplation. At the same time, the aroma resonates within me as a contrast between a frantic ride and a very calm and relaxing moment. Close your eyes and rest in silence.

Who will love and wear Oratorio fragrance?

My mom. She is the most important person in the world to me and this perfume suits her perfectly.

You can find out more about the Oratorio fragrance in the October issue of VOGUE CS on page 138.

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