Have Norwegians forgotten basic decency?

If a woman arrives with three young children and they have to stand on a crowded bus, then you give up your seat, the debater wrote.

Four simple tips for a change!

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We live in a world where working together and seeing each other has never been more important. At the same time, many of us have completely forgotten to take each other into account in our daily lives. What happened to a little courtesy?

Maybe we’re too busy using the correct pronouns that we’ve forgotten the most basic forms of politeness? And I’m not talking about breaking cultural boundaries. But I have a few points that I think most people could benefit from being reminded of:

1. Bus

Relax, you will probably (most often) still be able to sit alone on the bus. But don’t expect to retain that privilege if you’ve hijacked a four-seater for yourself… Especially if the bus is full.

If a woman enters with three young children and they have to stand on a full bus, then you give up your seat. Or: The least you can do is remove your bag that’s blocking the seat. This is not a “towels on sun loungers provided” situation. take into account!

2. Traffic

Turn signal is there! Signal where you are going in traffic, so things go a little more efficiently and traffic is safer. As a new driver, there are a few things that bother me more. It’s easy, pay attention!

3. Social

Did you see someone you know that you don’t want to talk to? Don’t pretend it’s nothing and ignore them. Give a greeting or a smile. Believe me, you only do it small if you choose to ignore it. This can also be extended to unfamiliar passers-by if one day you feel like living a little on edge(!) Anyway, pay attention! Do not be stupid.

4. Push the chair

Last but not least, push the chair away after you leave the desk/desk. Then it becomes easier for people to walk through, and that elevates the mood. And: There will be a safe way out. One didn’t have to break through the barrier to get out. It doesn’t take much either, so pay attention!

And if you didn’t get any of what I put in today’s text, you will get another chance tomorrow. So remember to smile and wave, preferably with all five fingers.

take into account!

PS: Manners also apply in comments.

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