Import of food and healthy food is now free in Bruntál for seniors and quarantined people Whole region MS News

The new service in Bruntál can be used mainly for seniors who do not have a computer or the Internet.

Miroslav Bene, sales director: “We have prepared a green line for them, which is free of charge. The green line is operated by two of our assistants, who receive and send purchases for them. We’ll just bring it to them. Free for Bruntál, delivery outside Bruntál is 65 crowns, next day he can decide if he wants morning and evening delivery.”

The variety of food is wide, those who have the opportunity can also order it through the e-shop at

Miroslav Bene, sales director: “In addition, we have a variety of healthy nutrients, a variety of porridge, wheat flour, walnut flour, a variety of nuts, raisins, lyophilized fruit, dried fruit, the range is very wide.”

As the winter season is slowly ending, it is also important to detoxify the body and restore fitness with the right diet.

Michal Rybenský, consultant, marketing manager: “I will gradually switch to a high frequency diet, I will gradually include more carbohydrates and some herbal blends, and I will combine it with regular fasting. Especially fasting, because I know it detoxifies the body a lot and digestion is very relaxing.”

Miroslav Bene, sales director: “We can recommend CBD and Kratom to seniors here, which reduce pain and just improve mood so they don’t have to feel cramped, especially when there’s no sun.”

When ordering goods by phone at 800 200 122 or via e-shop, everyone can also choose the place and time of delivery, or the purchase is picked up at the store.

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