World’s first Mercedes with level 3 approval for autonomous driving

Mercedes-Benz, as the world’s first automaker, has received approval for autonomous driving at level 3 from the German transport authority.

– Once again, Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in future technology, and is the first automaker in the world to offer level three approved autonomous driving. This means the car can be driven fully and completely even under certain conditions, with the driver present, says Executive Vice President Kjetil Myhre at Mercedes-Benz Norway.

– FUTURE TECHNOLOGY: Kjetil Myhre, Executive Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Norway. Photo: Håkon Sæbø

Myhre pointed out that for now the agreement only applies in Germany, but they hope similar regulations will eventually apply to Norway.

Watching movies while driving

This is a Mercedes driving system, Drive Pilot which has received regulatory approval. This technology allows the driver to perform secondary activities, such as reading email, surfing the internet or watching movies. Because unlike the level 2 system, level 3 does not require the driver to follow the road when the system is active.

Audi is said to have made similar attempts before, but then gave up after receiving approval from authorities in Europe and the United States. While Honda is said to have unveiled the level 3 technology in Japan in a small group of Legend sedans earlier this year, reports Car & Driver magazine.

The Pilot Drive only works up to 60 km/h, and Mercedes-Benz initially offered the system only on 13,191 kilometers of highways in Germany.

The Pilot Drive will be available on the S-Class in early 2022, and sometime later during the first half of the EQS in Germany. But Mercedes says extensive testing of the system is already underway in the US and China.

According to Mercedes, safety is the highest priority, and if the driver is unable to regain control, for example due to a serious health problem, the system brakes the vehicle in a controlled manner until it stops while at the same time switching. on the warning light.

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