Interest in video games is dwindling. Sony owes its higher operating profit to films

The company’s net profit fell 14.3 percent to 882.2 billion yen, while group sales increased 10.3 percent to 9.92 trillion yen (1.8 trillion CZK).

Sony expects its operating profit for the current financial year to fall slightly to around ¥1.16 trillion. Analysts expect operating profit to be ¥1.21 trillion, according to Refinitiv.

Although interest in video games weakened in full-year results, in the fourth quarter Sony increased its operating profit by 109 percent to 138.6 billion yen thanks to the performance of its games and network services division. Sales for the period from January to March totaled 2.2 trillion yen, up 1 percent year-on-year. Sony’s net profit for the quarter rose 67 percent to 111.1 billion yen.

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Games and game systems

Nearly 20 million PlayStation have been sold

The company is benefiting from strong demand for the PlayStation 5 game console, where subscribers can download games and register for a subscription service.

11.5 million units were sold in the last financial year. Nearly 20 million units have been shipped since launching in 2020, despite a semiconductor shortage limiting production, Reuters reports.

Introducing Sony’s PlayStation 5 TV consoleVideo: manufacturer archive

Interest in the PlayStation 5 is currently still so high that most retailers don’t have it in stock. People have to wait several months after placing an order for their order to be processed.

Sony is now expanding its software presence. In February, the company announced an acquisition that would take over Bungie for $3.6 billion (CZK 85 billion). It is based in the city of Bellevue in the US state of Washington. Among other things, the Halo video game series comes from its workshop. It was created as a private company in 2007, when it was spun off from Microsoft.

Another multi-billion dollar game world acquisition. Sony buys developer Bungie

Games and game systems

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