– I’ve always wanted to be a coach for a team that can beat the best teams in the world

17.30, will be at the Etihad Stadium, as Liverpool and Manchester City clash in a match that could very well determine where the 2021/22 league title will end.

Much has been said and written about the huge gap that Manchester City have at the top of the table in January and February. Jürgen Klopp says that he and the team are only concentrating on themselves.

– What is 100 percent true is that what we do is normal. “If we don’t try, I will be disappointed,” Klopp said in a closed section of his pre-match press conference against City.

– If you enter a season, and the only thing you have is winning the league championship, then we are not that kind of club. We can’t be a club like that, because City and other teams want to win too. “So if we don’t win the league it will be disappointing, but there are other things to do, qualification for the Champions League, another cup and the Champions League,” he said.

– There are many things to fight for, and for others you need momentum, and you need rhythm. “It doesn’t matter what your situation is, when you arrive in early January you have to work from it,” he said.

Will be the one who can beat the best

While City stumble, Liverpool have won ten games in a row. With a win at the Etihad Stadium, the Reds will pass City.

– If the distance is too far, then you have to close the hatch – to one point. It’s not about us. “We’ve only won games, while City haven’t won all their games,” said Klopp.

He believes his team is just doing what is expected – they have tried.

– That’s what is expected of us. I don’t expect us to win all the games, but I hope we always try, and that’s what we did. We know it’s 14 points, but we don’t care. We just have to take as many points as possible until the end of the season. The situation has not changed.

Klopp says again that Guardiola is the best coach in the world.

– I don’t want to miss this, I know. Everything I say about City I really mean. Pep is the best coach in the world, and I don’t have a problem with that, but I’ve always wanted to be the coach of a team that can beat the best teams in the world.

– I’ve really achieved that in some way, and now we have to make sure it happens on Sunday.

Manchester City – Liverpool starts at 17.30, and is shown on TV 2 Sport Premium.

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