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NRK stood with Asserson in the stands before an early shot at Liévin on Thursday night. When asked if he believes in world records, the answer is yes.

Prior to the race, Samuel Teferas had a world record of 1500 meters indoors with 3,31.04. But Tefera, like other players, did not have the opportunity to follow Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

The new world record is 3.30.60.

I feel like I’ve been talking about world records since I was born. So I’ve been talking about it for a long time. This is a dream come true. To break a world record, it hangs very high. Hopefully it’s one of many. “Now I’ve picked up one, so it’s a lot of fun,” Ingebrigtsen told NRK.

– Getting experienced, both

After a round of honor, she ran to her fiancé with a record bouquet.

I was not the only one who sacrificed a lot, he told NRK.

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT: Jakob Ingebrigtsen presented his fiancé with a victory wreath in the stands.

Photo: Anders Skjerdingstad / NRK

He pulled a smiling face when he heard that his fiancé announced his previous world record.

– Dit’s good that we’re on the same wavelength and understand what’s coming. That’s good, he said.

What signal do you think he saw today?

We’ve been together for so long that I think there’s a lot of little things he relates to. Maybe it’s just that I’ve become a little calmer or a little more focused. We’re getting experienced, both of us, so it’s fun when we finish.

Here’s how the fiancé explained what he was predicting based on:

That was the focus he entered and the thought that he had never been that far before. He already wanted to take it. He clearly wanted to take it, at least for me. “I have a good feeling,” Elisabeth Asserson told NRK.

Very strong finish

Ingebrigtsen also hinted to the media that a world record was already possible yesterday.


WINNING INTERVIEW: Jakob Ingebrigtsen smiles nicely in the press zone after the world record.

Photo: Anders Skjerdingstad / NRK

You never know, that’s what’s really hard. During the first race, you don’t have many indicators to create a good feeling. But it starts with the desire and hope to do well. Then of course I had training behind me which I knew was going well. Then I did a lot of the same things I did last year, and then it went well. Then you just have to do your best, said Jakob.

The Norwegian ran in the second half faster than the first.

I like to stop strong. I think it’s great for the audience too, and it’s always good to finish well, smiling the recent world record holder.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen set a new European record with 3,31.80 in the same competition last year. So it’s a European record again, and now synonymous with a world record.

Now he is also chasing an outdoor world record for the same workout. It is 3.26.00, just over two seconds better than Norway’s personal record. and courtesy of Hicham El Guerrouj.

I’m a little further away from that than my record before this season. I will try to do the best I can and improve myself. Whether that will happen this year or later, remains to be seen. “I don’t have a goal to break a world record, but to run faster than I did before, so it’s a matter of time whether it works or not,” said Jakob.

– Never stop surprising

In 2021, Jakob Ingebrigtsen set European records for 1500 and 5000 meters outdoors. He became the Olympic champion with a new Olympic record. And he ended the year with European Championship gold in the cross-country race.

And it goes on and on. Barriers are broken on the assembly line.

The record also impressed NRK athletic expert, Vebjørn Rodal.

It was clear that Jakob Ingebrigtsen had taken another step. Here he comes with a huge amount of exercise in his body after the winter, and runs at a controlled and regular pace until 3:30 – in February! Then you’ll still be practicing a lot for a few months and that’s a long time until the shape is honed, says Rodal.

When asked whether the outdoor record that had been established since 1998 could also be broken, the expert answered as follows:

Maybe not this summer, but at the same time I no longer dare to rule anything out about Jakob Ingebrigtsen. He never ceases to surprise us, says Rodal.

No Gjert

Conventions are one of the most useful indoor conventions. Several big names and a number of Olympic champions have traveled to France, including Marcin Lewandowski, who has become one of the Ingebrigtsen brothers’ biggest rivals in recent years.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen returns from the Olympics in Tokyo

WELCOME: Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s fiancé, Elisabeth Asserson, was not allowed to participate in the Olympics nor was he on the welcome committee at the airport in Norway. Today he saw his girlfriend break the world record.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB

Earlier this winter, it became clear that Gjert’s father was stepping down as coach. Therefore, Henrik’s brother may be relevant to take over the coaching role in the long term.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen returns from the Olympics in Tokyo

COACH’s brother? Henrik Ingebrigtsen will first and foremost focus on himself, but does not rule out coaching his younger siblings in the future.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB

– S“Of course, if my running career ends at some point as it most likely does and Jakob wants me to help with something, then it can happen,” Henrik told NRK.

Jakob wants you to play Gjert now, how do you see that?

Yeah Al sounds really bad to me, Looks like BT isn’t for me either. I think I can do a good job for Jakob I by all means. I don’t see it as improbable that it will turn out that way at some point, but it does depend a bit on how it goes with my own investments. If there’s a sudden stop then maybe that’s the way forward, said big brother.

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