Jeremy Clarkson chooses a wild Toyota as his 2021 car

In recent years, Toyota Japan is the only car manufacturer in the sun to invest in sports car development, trying to reach true driving enthusiasts who are interested in driving entertainment – GT86, GR Supru, GR Yaris and the new GR86 for the past 10 years. . Akio Toyoda, the head of the auto manufacturer, a lover of driving with character and an enthusiastic racer, has the greatest credit for it.

The investment in wheelchair entertainment paid off as its sports cars garnered one award after another and now the automaker has won one of its most prized. The world’s most famous automotive journalist, Jeremy Clarkson, chose the wild little Toyota GR Yaris ATV with Car of the Year 2021 in the UK News UK Motor Awards poll.

Photo: Toyota

The Toyota GR Yaris is the result of the development of a special WRC competition for ordinary civilians and can bring the capabilities of rally racing cars closer

Jeremy Clarkson is currently working on his own farm and shooting the popular show The Grand Tour in a limited format, but he’s definitely not betraying the car. However, the longtime Top Gear star loves to indulge in ultra-fast supersports or ultra-luxurious cars, so it’s surprising that he chose a fairly mundane act of the automaker as the best car of the year.

“It’s one of the funniest and most interesting cars I’ve ever driven. It’s a car that makes me very noisy. One morning I took it to my farm and made a terrible mess but I don’t care because I rebelled against myself,” Clarkson explains why he chose the GR Yaris as his car this year.

Jeremy Clarkson is just confirming the fact that journalists and motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world agree – the tiny Toyota GR Yaris is one of the best modern sports cars, even with three cylinders under the hood. However, the 16-horsepower with 261 hp (192 kW) with a six-speed manual and all-wheel drive makes the Yaris sports a car you should know about and then you’ll really enjoy.

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