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– Now mom can drop her shoulders a little, Emil Iversen told NRK.

It was a standout 31 year old who met NRK after placing second at Beitostølen. He said that it was a difficult period, in which he was very down.

ON THE PADIUM: Emil Iversen.

Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

I’ve had one good race since the WC in Oberstdorf so there’s a little ghost I feel. We’ve put it away now, said Iversen, who thanked friends and family for the support he’s received after a difficult Olympic season.

– I appreciate it, so stay happy, he smiled.

He described last year as “difficult” and “rough”.

– I’m happy and relieved now. Not much fun this past year. I feel that I have not become myself. I just need a good day, then I’ll be back, Iversen said.

– Win at the first chance

Therefore, the 31-year-old will only have to see himself beaten by Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, who impressed in Beitostølen after struggling with a hamstring injury for 18 weeks.

On the eve of the race, there was great excitement about how Klæbo was doing due to his injury problems. Iversen believes that Klæbo is exaggerating a bit about where he is on the pitch regarding his injury.


UP: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo pedaled to 100 percent at Beitostølen and took first place after the injury break.

Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

– Usually Johannes returns at the first opportunity and wins. It is not certain that everything he has been saying lately is completely true… He may intend not to go to any races this year, but then he will win at the first opportunity, said Iversen.

– Do you think he has exaggerated?

– Yes he has. You saw it. He was the best in Norway at first. I hope he doesn’t think it was a bad day and he has more minutes to go. Then we’re in trouble. He was raw at last today, he smiled.

– The most boring life in the world

Meanwhile, Klæbo believed he was not exaggerating the losses. The Norwegian cross-country star said that Iversen “could believe what he wanted”.

– If he sees how I have survived the last four weeks, he will be surprised, said Klæbo.

– He should live my life for the last four weeks, then he’ll see what it’s like. Then I don’t know if he will say the same thing.

In the last four weeks, Klæbo has lived “the most boring life in the world”.

– My life the past four weeks has been the most boring life in the world, I think. I do light exercise in the morning, and then I lie on the treatment bench for three hours a day.


Klæbo was surprised that the race went so well, but said it was good to compete with his skis on his feet again.

– I myself was surprised. So far so good to come back and win the ski race. What are you training for, the winner told NRK.

He didn’t think much of his injury during the ski race, but he himself was excited to see how his injury behaved throughout the day.

– When you’re cross-country skiing, you don’t really think about it. It will be nice to see all day and tomorrow morning. He feels fine now, he said of the injury.

Klæbo pushed himself, though there’s no reason the injury could have struck. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the power would be used one hundred percent.

– Today I have to accept it, there is no doubt about it. I must have missed having the race number on my chest, he concluded.

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