Lavrov defines the conditions for peace in Ukraine. He wants to establish a new world order

Russia will only proceed to peace talks in Ukraine on condition that they result in establishing a new world order without US hegemony. This was conveyed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a visit to Ankara, Turkey. According to him, Russia’s national interests also need attention.

Peace in Ukraine is possible, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday during his visit to Turkey. According to him, however, Moscow will sit at the negotiating table only on condition that all parties take into account Russia’s interests during the talks.

The agency informs it Interfax. “We have said more than once that we do not refuse negotiations. However, these negotiations can only be based on consideration of Russia’s legitimate interests, Russia’s legitimate interests,said Lavrov.

We have talked about it many times over the years, we have clearly defined it in dialogue with our Western counterparts, who arrogantly and contemptuously ignore our concerns,” he continued.

According to Lavrov, the goal of the peace talks should be the establishment of a new world order without US domination. The head of Russian diplomacy acknowledged that he could meet his American counterpart Anthony Blinken at the end of April, the agency wrote RIA Novosti. “Our position has not changed. We are ready to consider any proposal for serious negotiation,” he says.

The Kremlin presents its aggression against Ukraine as Russia’s war with the whole West. Russian officials consider the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), whose member states support Kiev with arms supplies, as a direct participant in the conflict.

We were indeed in the heat of war because the Ukrainian Nazis fought mainly with American weapons. The US government is constantly threatening to deliver more remote and lethal systems,” claims Lavrov. However, in his opinion, relations between Russia and the West must not disappear, he believes in a gradual restoration.

Both the US and Europe reject such views and call for Moscow to withdraw immediately from the attacked country.

In his speech, Putin revealed health problems. Came 32 minutes later:

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