Lavrov: Russia is moving towards a democratic world order with China

The meeting took place in eastern China’s Anhui province. Lavrov and diplomats from other countries will attend talks in Afghanistan, among other things, Reuters reported.

“We want our relations with the People’s Republic of China to continue to develop stably and consistently. Our leaders – President Putin and President Xi Jinping – agree,” Lavrov said.

He continued: “On Wednesday, we will discuss concrete steps to ensure that all deals are implemented consistently.”

Two days before talks with his Chinese counterpart, Lavrov said Russia’s relations with China were the strongest in history.

“We are going through a very serious stage in the history of international relations,” Lavrov said.

“I am confident that as a result of this stage, the international situation will become significantly clearer and we will move together with you and like-minded people towards a multipolar, just and democratic world order,” he added.

China is considered one of Moscow’s closest allies, so it has not taken a clear position on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

However, Beijing has repeatedly spoken out against the unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia by the West. He insisted on maintaining normal economic and trade exchanges with Moscow.

The state Wednesday refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of neighboring countries. According to Beijing, negotiations are the only way to resolve the crisis.

Western leaders have urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to confine his country to Russia. US President Joe Biden has warned Beijing that if it helps the Kremlin, it will face the consequences of its decision.

The White House chief also reminded him of the number of American and foreign companies that have left Russia since the invasion began.

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