Lukashenka called on Ukraine to ‘stop the conflict’. It threatens with “total annihilation” – Wprost

On Wednesday, Alexander Lukashenko attended a summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, often referred to as “NATO Russia”. At the meeting, the leaders were busy among others the issue of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in which they did not reach an agreement.

Lukashenka threatens with complete destruction. “Everything is in the hands of Ukraine”

After the meeting, the Belarusian leader was asked by journalists if one of the topics of their conversation was the possibility of signing a peace agreement with Ukraine.

Everything is in the hands of Ukraine. Not that I want to push him to Zelensky or Ukraine. Really, everything is in Ukraine’s hands – he judged, stressing that the Ukrainian issue was not the main topic and was only discussed superficially. – If Ukraine doesn’t want to see dead people, and in large numbers, the conflict must stop. It has to stop, it has to stop, because the next thing is the total annihilation of Ukraine,” he added.

The Belarusian leader stated that Ukraine faced not only “loss of statehood”, as Putin announced before the invasion, but “total annihilation” and emphasized that “this must stop”.


Lukashenko also reminded that despite the horrors of the Second World War, a deal with Germany is now possible.

How do we fight Nazi Germany? 30 million people died [w ZSRR – red.]. Who remembers it today? In Belarus and Russia a little and that’s all? The wound has healed. They are ready not only to talk, but also to cooperate, to be friends – he said. “Yes, and we will deal with it now.” We may be able to explain, even to our generation, the Ukrainian people, what happened,” he said.

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