Maciejewski from Ukraine: “Zelenskiy allowed more”

Jakub Maciejewski, who has been reporting on the war in Ukraine for a month, today translated on the words of the President of Ukraine, who allegedly disagrees with President Jarosław Kaczyński about the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. According to correspondents and journalists, Zelensky is playing games with the world’s media and governments. All this to save your country and Europe from Putin’s aggression.

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In Poland, anti-Ukrainian statements and moods were incited. This is done by pseudo media center. Ukrainian president “allowed more”. Poles and Ukrainians also speak informally to each other, they’re often conversations we can’t talk about because they’re confidential. In times of war, don’t act like a hungry dog ​​jumping on a bite of meat thrown by a manipulator. The situation in Ukraine looks good. The Ukrainian people faced it very bravely

– said Jakub Maciejewski.

Let us remember that this very unique situation requires us to look at it with extraordinary wisdom. This is more important than the anti-PiS propaganda facing Tusk and others. Here the game is about something more important, also for the good of our country

– he emphasized.

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