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It pissed me off and gave me a bad feelingEli Brown told NRK.

US Butter was stationed in Lahti after a short trip to the Estonian capital, where all skiers, who were scheduled to receive the same treatment.

Lubricants receive one pair per athlete and receive detailed instructions on what products to use and how to apply them. Some took more liberties than others, said Brown, who claimed that Sweden set a bad example.

– It worries me

Because it was in a “clean area”, he claimed that the Swedes were carrying skis that had been powdered with fluoride.

It was very surprising to me to see that, in a clean room, where the idea is joint lubrication, fair game, and no fluoride. That they started like this imposes larger questions of system trust and fraud. It makes me worry about the future, said Brown, who was the first to speak Express.

HURT: Eli Brown.

Photo: Fredrik Tombra/NRK

From next season, fluoride is banned at the World Cup. American oilers believed that ideally they should have access to inspect skis before they were shipped. Then the Swedes will be forced to clean it again if it has too high a fluoride value.

It shouldn’t be about staying as close to the legal limit of what’s allowed in terms of fluoride use, or as close as possible without cheating. It has to be clean and fair, continues Brown, who suspects that Sweden’s antics may have something to do with the oil makers receiving heavy criticism during the World Cup.

The head of US lubrication, Oleg Ragilo, believes some people may have done the same thing on their own lubricating trailers. But he questioned Sweden’s way of doing it.

Tents must be fluoride free. If you want to use powder, just use it and brush it in the trailer or whatever. Bring clean skis, so that the tent doesn’t get covered in powder, because we expect fluorine free tents and everything is fluorine free. That’s outrageous, Ragilo told NRK.

Swedish manager: – Very sorry

He believes Sweden is barely breaking the rules, not explicitly saying it’s illegal, but questions his methods.

If we all agree to switch to fluoride-free skis, but someone shows up in a supposedly fluoride-free tent and starts fluoride cleaning… It’s pretty annoying.

Sweden national team manager Anders Byström believes it is being done the right way.

– It’s a shame something like this had to happen. These are the things I’m afraid of, if there’s a fluoride ban next year, those countries will be suspicious of each other. We don’t want to end up in a situation where there is distrust and accusations of cheating all the time, Byström told NRK.

20223 World Ski Championships: Cross-country sprint prologue

SWEDEN-MANAGER: Anders Byström.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

– Does that feel like an accusation of cheating?

– Yes, it is clear when they say that. It feels like they want to put the cabinets in place. There must be something behind it. We don’t use any energy. We have followed the guidelines and have a clear conscience, said the Swede.

Swedish bronze winner from the WC sprint in Planica, Maja Dahlqvist, called it a disgrace. He pointed out that most of the skis probably had product underneath from previous races and that they had all been cleaned prior to the race.

Norwegian lubrication manager: – Better control is needed

Norway’s head of lubrication, Stein Olav Snesrud, considers it embarrassing for Swedes to have fluoride under their skis. He stresses that it’s hard to know exactly what to use.

Some say one, some say another. There will be accusations against accusations, but it is absolutely certain that better controls and procedures are needed if this is to be done in the future, Snesrud told NRK.


BUTTER MANAGER: Stein Olav Snesrud.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

However, he believes it could have been arranged differently:

Come to think of it, maybe you should have done more cleaning the day before. We checked then and could easily have used the time of day, rather than doing it on the actual competition day, said Snesrud.

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