Mont Mosan opens its season in near-polar cold…

But Jean-Marc Vanberg, founder and director of the Huois amusement park, was expecting it. ” We know that the first ten days will be a little tricky considering the weather forecast. But we hope it will start again for the Easter holidays. Then, we will continue with Flèche wallonne, who usually takes people to the park. We also took the opportunity to do a bit of advertising by hosting an open day.

After two years marked by a health crisis, this will be (if all goes well) the first full season for Mont Mosan. Good news for park managers, even if the weather will play a big role . “If the weather is good, we will have a good season. But if the weather is not good, it will not be good. However, it is very important for us to restore our health. Because all the garden savings there have happened. in the last two years.”

Therefore, Jean-Marc Vanberg’s goal was to increase his attendance rate.“We already want to return to the 2019 inflow, which is 95,000 visitors. But if we can reach 100,000 visitors, that’s amazing.”

This year, Hutois gardens will not offer any new features. “We just refreshed the infrastructure a bit. But next year, if we have a good season, we will have something new. We thought specifically of putting in place infrastructure for sea otters and an additional ride or two. »

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