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– There were few tears, but I thought they would flow like in Bislett. That’s when you get so close to gold and beat Jakob. You are immediately seized with a desire for revenge, Nordås told NRK after picking up the bronze medal around his neck.

Prior to the start, he had been mentioned as a medal contender, but Jakob Ingebrigtsen was the biggest favourite.

But just as Ingebrigtsen fell short of expectations, Nordås ran for WC bronze in 3:29.68. Just three hundredths of Ingebrigtsen won silver behind Briton Josh Kerr.

REVENGE: That was Narve Gilje Nordås’ first thought after securing WC bronze. Here he is on his way to doping control.

Photo: Anders England / NRK

– Do you feel a desire for revenge against Jakob?

– Of course, I’ll take it! Three hundred behind. Before the season I was eight seconds behind, you can see where this goes, replied Nordås with a big grin.

He was at the back for most of the race, while Ingebrigtsen was at the very front. On the run, Nordås advanced rapidly, while Ingebrigtsen lost gold in the sprint against Kerr.

– You see who is fastest on the run-up side, there’s no doubt about that. That’s me, says Nordås.

He was surprised that Ingebrigtsen did not claim the gold medal, and hinted that his Sandnes teammate’s race plans may have been less than optimal.

– The fact that Kerr won was surprising, I don’t know why. This tactic may fall a bit short, says Nordås of Ingebrigtsen.

In the commentators’ room, Nordås was praised for his quick finish.

– It was an adventurous race he entered. He passed person after person. He has made great progress under the guidance of Gjert Ingebrigtsen, who has coached his third runner to a WC medal, says Post following up and ending his rationale with:

– This is really crazy.

The ice front was revealed

Prior to WC, Nordås described the relationship between him and Jakob Ingebrigtsen as “non-existent”.

The ice sheet is mentioned by all national media in Norway and several foreign media.

When it became clear that Nordås and Ingebrigtsen would meet each other in the final that night, Nordås sent another punch at his more meritorious opponent.

WC Athletics 2023: Press meet

KJØLIG: The relationship between Nordås and Ingebrigtsen didn’t seem all that warm and affectionate during WC.

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

– Two best friends on a trip. It will be accepted, Nordås told NRK.

Asked about world champion Jake Wightman’s statement that the most epic thing right now would be if Nordås beat Ingebrigtsen in the final, Nordås was just as clear.

– Agreed! That must be cool. It would have been nice, I wouldn’t call it revenge, but Gjert pointed the finger at them a little. “Listen, it could be you.” But we’ll see. He is a favourite. The man was playing outside, Nordås told Nettavisen.

Throughout WC, Ingebrigtsen did not want to “answer questions that were none of his business”.

– It is known that there is a conflict-ridden relationship between Gjert and his sons, said NRK expert Vebjørn Rodal when it became clear that Gjert Ingebrigtsen had not received WC accreditation as Nordås’ personal trainer.

  • On Thursday at 19.00, Nordås and Ingebrigtsen meet for a new duel in the 5000 meter hot trial. You can watch the races on NRK 2 and here:

Unexpected development

Since the Ingebrigtsen brothers broke up with their father and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen a year and a half ago, their father and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen have become the coaches of Nordås.

This led to wild developments and on Wednesday night the Gjert student was last to become a medal candidate in Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s favored 1500 meters at the World Championships.

It didn’t look like this before this season of the year. The former 5,000-metre specialist failed in the same distance attempts at the 2021 Olympics and last year’s WC. In EC, he placed 17th in the final.

This season, however, he has dropped his best 1500 meters record four times, from 3:36.23 to 3:29.47, and finished second in the Diamond League over distance.

WC Athletics 2023: Press meet

PRESS MEETING: Great attention is being paid to Norway’s newest medium-range comet.

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

But prior to the championships in Budapest, Nordås had received refusals from the athletics association to take his coaches to training grounds, hotels and stadiums.

Due to this, Nordås chose to stay in a different hotel to the other Norwegian athletes and train at a separate training ground, which is accessible to Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

The athletics association justified the choice by an “overall rating”.

– I think people know what’s behind it, everyone in Norway knows. People talk about it. There is no elephant in the room. Why not just say it outright? To me and the media?, Nordås reacted to the explanation.

He believed that the association was not taking him seriously in his quest for the title.

– They try to facilitate as best they can within the framework you have. When you bring it up as an aside, you feel a little bit put off. You feel taken seriously, but at the same time there is some restraint, Nordås told the Norwegian collective press.

The Swedish Athletics Federation denied that they were working against Nordås.

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