NATO, Oslo | Cashed out nearly 200 million for a meeting of NATO ministers

According to the plan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice will spend NOK 198 million to cancel the NATO foreign ministers meeting in Oslo next week.

– 98 million has been set aside in the revised national budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Henrik Hoel, communications adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Nettavisen.

He confirmed that all 31 NATO countries sent delegates to the meeting. Of these, almost all of them will become the country’s foreign ministers. All the largest countries in NATO provide a foreign minister.

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The Revised Budget also shows that a similar amount, NOK 98 million, has been set aside for the Ministry of Justice in connection with a meeting of foreign ministers.

– It is important for the government that the holding of meetings does not come at the expense of other parts of the police force, the budget states.

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The police increased their presence

The meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO countries will take place in Oslo on May 31 and June 1, namely Wednesday and Thursday next week. It is the Oslo police who will ensure the safety of all parties involved in the meeting. They confirmed to Nettavisen that they wanted to increase presence in central Oslo.

– The police cannot detail the security measures in place, but we will, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other parties involved, implement the necessary security measures. This was done in such a way as to cause the least inconvenience to the public, and was visible and invisible, Chief of Staff in the Oslo police district, Harald Nilssen told Nettavisen.

– How many service personnel will be called upon, beyond normal?

– The police can’t give exact figures for security reasons, but we would like more attendance, replied Nilssen.

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Limited access

Nilssen said that access to Town Hall Square would be restricted and trams would be diverted in light of the gathering.

– Certain restrictions regarding traffic and accessibility in the center of Oslo cannot be avoided. Oslo City Hall will be closed to the public in connection with the meeting. Attempts will be made to blockade measures and barriers to be limited as much as possible, so that normal accessibility in the center will be maintained as much as possible.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg chaired the meeting. According to the press release, Stoltenberg has the full program on Tuesday. Among other things, he will meet with the king. Later that day, he will address events with the Norwegian Atlantic Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Senior researcher at Nupi, Karsten Friis, told P4 that there was a security risk associated with the encounter. In particular, he chose the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

– After all, the American secretary of state has roles around the world, maybe anyone interested in making a mark, or regarding the person in question. So the police have to be prepared for almost any scenario, Friis told P4.

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