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The so-called “postal data message” is actually the electronic equivalent of the recommended post, by which all data box owners can communicate with each other, for example in business dealings. They can send invoices, orders, reminders, and the like.

If until now only those who wanted to have this service, now it is active for all users. In addition, the rules change when a commercial – or, if you prefer, personal – data message is deemed sent.

“If I don’t go into the system, don’t click, don’t do anything, then the fiction of delivery will happen and it will happen after ten days,” explained Roman Vrba, director of the eGovernment Department at the Ministry of Interior.

Message alert

It is considered read after ten days, even if it has never been opened. The current meaning of sending private messages is the same as coming from the authorities. According to the Bar Association, there is no risk that more people will miss important work because of this.

“I think this strengthens the right legal certainty for participants in legal relations. Because it can’t be that the message got lost somewhere, that the delivery lady accidentally put it in a neighbor’s mailbox,” said Monika Novotná, vice president of the Association of Czech Bars.

“I also receive notifications directly on the phone screen, so I’m not afraid to miss something,” added data mailbox user Matěj Ryant.

Those who do not want the change can completely disable receiving messages even from private senders in the settings. There is no change at all for those who don’t have data boxes and rely on stationery.

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