New York – X-ray reveals details:

A crocodile was found hungry and weak in a park in New York’s Prospect Park on Sunday, several media reported.

The alligator is too sick to feed himself, and is now being tube-fed at the Bronx Zoo where he is being cared for, writes the New York Times.

An X-ray of the crocodile showed that it had swallowed a ten centimeter wide bathtub.

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Seriously ill

According to the New York Times, the alligator was too sick to unclog the tub.

– We will continue to provide support and attention. What we do next depends on how he responds to the treatment, the zoo wrote in a statement.

The New York parks department found the alligator Sunday morning, and enlisted the help of police to drag it out of a lake in the park.

It’s not clear whether the alligator swallowed the tub plug in the lake, or if it was kept in the tub.

Aired a cat – killed by a crocodile

Sixth time

The New York Times wrote that this is the sixth time a crocodile has been rescued in New York after being abandoned there.

Crocodile is very hungry. It weighs seven kilograms – just half the weight of a healthy alligator of this size. The police are currently investigating the incident.

– This is a tragic situation, and a reminder that wild animals do not make good pets, the zoo wrote in a statement, according to the New York Times.

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