Norway met France in the semifinals of the European Handball Championship – losing 29-31 to Denmark

Denmark meets Montenegro that same night. Norway faces a very difficult task for France. The French team looks to be the strongest in the championship so far.

It was Norway’s 13-12 halftime lead against Denmark. Norway lost 3-6 after a period of poor shooting against Danish keeper Sandra Toft.

Further into the first half, there was the better Norwegian finish. Goalkeeper Katrine Lunde also completed a very good first half hour.

The game continued to balance for some time into the second half. Nora Mørk had a strong day with her shooting. The Norwegian winger has received criticism so far on EC, but they answered with a lot of scoring against Denmark.

Denmark went up to 27-24 ten minutes from the end. That advantage became important and put Norway under pressure.

It didn’t last for Norway in front of some 750 spectators in a Ljubljana hall. The European Handball Federation (EHF) says there are nearly 4,500 seats in the arena.

Waiting for long

After 16 consecutive losses, Denmark finally won one match against Norway. Denmark’s previous win came back in 2014.

Another long winning streak also stopped for Norway. That ended with a 17 match win streak in EC matches since the heavy loss to Romania in 2018.

Norway’s last five matches (listed first) against France in championships:

* 29-22 (2021 WC finals)

* 22-20 (EC 2020 finals)

* 21-23 (WC 2017 finals)

* 20-16 (EC 2016 Semifinals)

* 30-19 (EC 2012 main round)

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