“Roland-Garros organizers ‘lack of courage’ to rate Alexandr Dolgopolov

Former Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov estimates, in an interview Monday, March 21 on RTLthat the organizers of Roland-Garros “less daring” allows Russian players to participate in tournaments and call for “Russian ban” from the world of tennis.

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) indicated on Wednesday 16 March that the doors of the Roland-Garros tournament (22 May-5 June) would not be closed to Russian players, including the world’s Daniil Medvedev (No. 2), and Belarus.

“They (Roland-Garros organizer) less courageous, they are especially unwilling to endure the possible consequences. Frankly, it is not enough to say that we are against war. This is a war against our nation, affecting our civilians.”said the 33-year-old Ukrainian, who returned to Kyiv in mid-March to take up arms and defend his country.

“We impose strict neutrality on Russian and Belarusian players”, FFT director general Amélie Oudéa-Castéra said Wednesday at a press conference. “We stick to the principles of all EU sports ministries and all the key countries around us.”

“We only ban an individual athlete if he has been selected by his country. This is the framework, we adhere to it”he confirmed. “For now”added FFT president Gilles Moretton.

In addition to the organizers of Roland-Garros, Aleksandr Dolgopolov also challenges world tennis leaders. “I said it to the ATP: tennis had a very loose posture today. I think the tennis world made a less daring decision. Russia should be banned from what the free world runs. Because today, saying: ‘I am against war’ is not enough. Their athletes should condemn their government, admit that it was mass murder.”he insisted.

The former player called on the Russian tennis players to break away from their government and firmly affirm their opposition to war.

“They are good people, I know them personally. I’m pretty sure they are against this war. But if they take a neutral stance, like ‘I am against war’, they are like telling us ‘Leave me, I live my life in my corner, I don’t want to get involved, I just want to play tennis’. This position is untenable today, sorry”he insisted.

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