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The danger of the outbreak of World War III is “serious, real, not to be underestimated,” said Russia’s head of diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, in an interview with Russian television, which the Foreign Ministry published on its Telegram channel. on Monday night (25/4/2022). Lavrov explained that he considers the supply of NATO weapons to Ukraine as a legitimate target of attack for his country.

At the same time, he stated that he did not want the risk to be artificially exaggerated in such a situation. Many parties want this, he said without giving further details. The inadmissibility of nuclear war remains a fundamental position for Russia, he added.

How was the Cuban crisis?

When asked to compare the current situation with the Cuban crisis, Lavrov said that there were not too many written rules at the time. But the “rules of conduct” were pretty self-explanatory back then. Moscow knows how Washington will behave, and Washington knows how Moscow will behave. Even today, there are several rules, Lavrov continued, referring to the nuclear disarmament treaty. But “at the same time, almost all weapons control and other non-proliferation instruments have been destroyed.”

Russia, Lavrov said, sees NATO arms shipments to Ukraine as a legitimate target for the attack. Warehouses, also in western Ukraine, have been such targets more than once. “If NATO, through the plenipotentiary, actually entered the war with Russia and armed this plenipotentiary, then in war what to do in that war,” said Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov: Negotiations with Ukraine slowed down

The head of Russia’s diplomacy has accused the US and Britain of hindering negotiations with Ukraine. It is known that “neither London nor Washington” will advise Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to speed up negotiations, Lavrov said. “Every time they advised Zelensky to tighten his position.”

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president stressed that Moscow will not succeed in the war in Ukraine. Within two months, the Russian armed forces used more than 1,100 rockets, aerial bombs and countless artillery pieces. Several Ukrainian cities were completely destroyed, Zelenskiy said in a video speech published on Telegram overnight. “But they achieved nothing. And they will achieve nothing “- he added.

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