Shocking video shows how much trash is on Mount Everest

“It is high time we tackle this issue with urgency and commitment.”

They added: “Let’s demand stricter regulations, enforcement of clean climbing practices and effective waste management strategies.”

The video alongside the screams is just as bleak, with trash littering the ground as far as the eye can see. Social media users are sick of seeing what many perceive to be pristine scenes.

One user said: “This is so disgusting. I thought the climbing community could do better, but I guess I was wrong.”

Another said: “We as humans may have climbed insurmountable heights, but we must have fallen too low in our conduct and compassion for nature. Be it mountains, forests or rivers, we are not saving natural resources from our meddling. . , pollution and destruction .”

While a third added: “This situation is insane and critical to the natural ecosystem there. Local authorities need to be able to sort things out and prevent further damage.”

They added: “Management of waste time with effective maintenance services is one option, but also another potential action to tackle this problem.”

As well as the trash, there were also a number of bodies dumped in what is basically the highest landfill in the world. Hikers often die in the monsters’ journey up and down the summit, and many are left abandoned due to the isolated nature of the mountains.

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