PiS juxtaposes the June 4th march with the Holocaust. Anger wave

  • The film was shared on social media by politicians from the ruling camp. “The June 4th march turned into a hate march?” – commented Adam Andruszkiewicz
  • “There are things that are not done in the civilized world. One of them is the use of the Holocaust in today’s political struggles” – judge editor-in-chief of Onet, Bartosz Węglarczyk
  • The venue was commented on by the Auschwitz Museum authorities, deeming it “a manifestation of the moral and intellectual corruption of public debate”, as well as by the American Jewish Committee, which stated that “the use of the Holocaust in the politics of struggle is absolutely unacceptable.”
  • “Because PiS uses Auschwitz in the current political struggle, there will be no hindrance in the later stages of the campaign. We have five loathsome months ahead of us,” assessed the former Testament spokesman, who is currently a Warsaw nonpartisan. board member Jan Strzeżek. He also said he would file a police report
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In its material, PiS used a Twitter entry from journalist and publicist Tomasz Lis: “There will be a room for Duda and Duck,” he wrote Monday.

After a few hours, he deleted the post. This came after right-wing publicists and politicians began comparing his words to the gas chambers in German extermination camps during World War II. Fox argued that he meant a prison cell.

Law and Justice used a photo with Lisa’s entry and placed it in the background of shots of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and information that 1 million people were killed in Oświęcim.

“Are you sure you want to use this slogan” – the spot writer asked as if the PR words posted on social media were the event’s official slogan.

The video is being shared by politicians and supporters of the ruling faction.

“March 4th June turning into a hate march? No point in being there,” the undersecretary for digitization, who hails from the nationalist movement, wrote on Twitter. Adam Andruszkiewicz.

“There are things that are not done in the civilized world. One way is to use the Holocaust for today’s political struggles. Law and Justice does that. Unfortunately, the drain of this disgusting behavior runs down to all of us. Poland’s shared responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust, let us remember that it is the authorities in Poland who inflame such accusations” — comments Onet editor-in-chief, Bartosz Węglarczyk.

More text below the video.

“But to use Auschwitz in an election campaign, you must not have brakes. It’s been a long time since we fought about the Holocaust…” Michał Szułdrzyński, deputy editor-in-chief of “Rzeczpospolita”, wrote on Twitter.

In another entry, he refers to Anna Zalewska’s comments. “Putting a video like that with comments like that by a MEP is so disgusting that no words are strong enough to describe it. Does Anna Zalewska realize what she’s writing?”

“At PiS, someone seems to want the Tusk march to be a success,” says Zuzanna Dąbrowska of “Do Rzeczy”.

“Using the memory of war victims, including those killed at Auschwitz, for political purposes is dishonorable. And this is not altered by the ‘because of Lis…’ narrative,” wrote Patryk Słowik of Wirtualna Polska.

Pressserwis editor-in-chief Marek Twaróg commented curtly: “They used Auschwitz. There are no borders, you bastards.”

“As PiS uses Auschwitz in the current political struggle, there will be no bottlenecks in the next stages of the campaign. We are facing five abhorrent months in which only strength will count. Strzeżek.

In a subsequent entry, he stated: “In relation to the abhorrent point of PiS, which tramples on the memory of those who were killed at Auschwitz, today I will be sending a notification to the prosecutor’s office of criminal acts. There is no consent to the use of victims in political struggles.” today – one who does, is forever in disgrace.”

“Only a populist without a penny of basic decency could combine the June 4th march with the death factory of Auschwitz for political purposes,” said Krzysztof Brejza, KO MP.

The office of the American Jewish Committee in Central Europe, an American organization founded to defend the rights of Jews outside the US, also referred to the case. “The use of the Holocaust in political struggles is completely unacceptable – regardless of which side of the political stage played a role in the extermination of the Jewish people and the suffering caused by World War II. Reductio ad Hitlerum is a manifestation of insensitivity and lack of knowledge,” they wrote. in twitter.

“This is a sad, painful and unacceptable manifestation of the moral and intellectual corruption of public debate.” we read in the statement of the Auschwitz Museum, which reacts to the point of Law and Justice.

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