Six of the most anticipated games will be out in September

1. star field

When: September 6 (premium and collector’s editions playable five days in advance)
What it’s about: PC, Xbox Series X/S, Game Pass

In 2330, humanity transcended the boundaries of the solar system, began inhabiting new planets and living as space travelers. Join the Constellations – the last group of space adventurers searching for rare artifacts in the galaxy.

The highly anticipated sci-fi film Starfield, which studio head Todd Howard himself describes as “Skyrim in space,” is finally here after years of waiting. Interestingly, it was announced back in 2018 at the E3 game show.

Players must first create their own character with a choice of origin and characteristics, then there are more than a thousand planets to explore, although life can only be found in about ten percent. Caring for your own ship and crew is a chapter in itself, but the game also supports the lone wolf style, which isn’t interested in company.

“If you like films like Interstellar, Prometheus, Contact, Sunshine, or 2001: A Space Odyssey, you will be blown away by Starfield. The feel of a classic film is undeniable. The author is not afraid to jump right into the film composition of Prometheus and likes to cut out the introduction from wide shots of ships slowly flying in the distance. Bethesda can sell you a Starfield in the first few minutes,” we wrote in a review on Bonusweb.

2. Crew Motorcycle Festival

When: Sept. 14
On: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

The Crew racing brand has yet to make headway in the world. Number one wanted to be a car MMO. Episode 2 added planes and ships to the open world, and while I personally really enjoyed the now five year old series, it wasn’t enough for the Forza Horizon series. This year, The Crew Motorfest will be held, and it won’t be easy – Forza Horizon 5, which is set in Mexico, set the bar incredibly high almost two years ago.

The Hawaiian setting definitely benefits the game – trails through the jungle, sandy beaches, but also the night city are eye-catching. The style of play is still arcade, based on the fact that you effectively go around sharp turns. Everyone says of these three that it’s a clone of the last Forza, which is in many ways undeniable, but the Ivory Tower is also going its own way, and we can look forward to more planes and ships.

Because of this, Crew Motorfest can be an interesting alternative even for PlayStation owners for whom Forza is not available.

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