Smolensk. Donald Tusk warns: this is the best gift for Putin

– If anyone has an idea for politics with Smolensk, this is the best gift for Putin. It’s a game for the record that Moscow writes: dividing the country in many dimensions, says Tusk.

– The sharp conflict that arose in the context of Smolensk was a gift to Russian strategists. I would warn the president of PiS not to take advantage of Smolensk – added the head of the PO.

The former prime minister’s words were a reaction to the announcement of a conversation with Jarosław Kaczyński, which will be published in Wednesday’s issue of “Gazeta Polska”. The head of Law and Justice stressed that “world public opinion has to deal with the decisions of the subcommittee chaired by Antoni Macierewicz”.

– The world has seen Russia’s capabilities. He saw her cruelty and crime. Over the years, many have rejected this image of Moscow. So we’ll see what the reaction will be to our decision in Smolensk. The report of the subcommittee chaired by Antoni Macierewicz provides answers to key questions. The world’s public opinion has to face its findings. It is hard to deny that the Putin regime would be able to launch an attack on another head of state, as America itself has been reporting for weeks that Russia has been preparing lists of Ukrainian politicians to be assassinated. And it starts with the name of the local head of state – said the deputy prime minister.

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