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Norway falls on FIFA Ranking towards the end of last year, but a double win at the Ullevaal Stadium gave the green arrow for Erling Braut Haaland et al.

Students Solbakken overtook Algeria, Turkey and Australia in the rankings, which also laid the groundwork for Friday’s World Cup draw, of which Norway were excluded.

In the Norwegian group in the national league, which starts in June, Sweden are best ranked with 19th place as of today. Serbia is number 25 in the FIFA rankings, while Slovenia is number 65.

Brazil have completed a fantastic qualifier with 14 wins and no loss in 17 matches, and the country has taken over the top spot that Belgium has had since October 2018.

Belgium is number two after the first international match of the year, while France, Argentina and England follow in next place.

Norway is the 22nd best of the European countries and number three in the Nordic region. Denmark dropped two places to 11th. Finland is number 57 and Iceland is number 63.

Ranking, top ten (previous position):

1) (2) Brazil 1833, 2) (1) Belgium 1827, 3) (3) France 1790, 4) (4) Argentina 1765, 5) (5) England 1762, 6) (6) Italy 1723, 7) (7) Spain 1709, 8) (8) Portugal 1675, 9) (12) Mexico 1659, 10) (10) Netherlands 1659.

… 41) Norge 1464.

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