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Starting tomorrow at 2AM, Bethesda Games Studios’ highly anticipated Starfield game will be released in early access on PC and Xbox Series consoles, with the novelty available to base edition owners on September 6th.

What value does the new product receive from foreign reviewers? You can find the answers below.

IGN Spain

In short, Starfield is everything. But most importantly, it’s much better than we expected.


Game rant

Starfield delivers everything it promises and then some. It is the perfect sci-fi game that offers players a huge world to explore and allows them to play however they want. Starfield has what it takes to be a game of the next level that Skyrim can play for at least another decade. It’s really immersive and definitely the best Xbox exclusive game in years.


Washington Post

As for the main story, this is the best Bethesda game ever.


Fanboy Attack

Starfield is Game Pass’ strongest asset as it is the main game the service has to offer. It’s also the best and most ambitious game from the Xbox Game Studios library to date. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s probably one of the most ambitious games ever, and achieves many of those goals with few compromises.



Those who don’t like the multiple choice experience may not fully like Starfield. However, once you’re familiar with these Western RPGs, you’ll feel right at home; even newcomers to the genre should give the game a try to see if it suits them.



Starfield is figuratively and literally the next gaming evolution from Bethesda. There are memorable characters, missions and locations, but you can create a lot of fun yourself here.


Screen Rant

Starfield is the classic game studio and Bethesda’s return to blockbuster games.


Good game

Starfield is Bethesda’s first magical, if somewhat clumsy, journey to stardom.



The newest game from Bethesda is full of experiences that will keep you awake long after you should be sleeping. The flaws are annoying, but the charm is undeniable.



Starfield is a sprawling space RPG with lots of content to explore, but it’s surprisingly unambitious.



Starfield fell far short of the expectations it had generated over the years.


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