Tater legend Michal Burda opens a new bistro in Tábor

Looks like the weather has finally cleared up a bit. Nature is blooming, and along with it, various gastronomic novelties are blooming, which this time are spreading throughout the Czech Republic. For great food and drink, you can go to the new place in Tábor, which was opened here by the founder of popular tattoo studio Tribo, Michal Burda, and for a unique sushi experience, you can go to Brno, for example. But, as always, you won’t be bored in Prague either.

Tricolonial in Tabor

Michal Burda co-founded the legendary tattoo studio Tribo in the nineties. But then he needed a change. He told himself he wanted “a better department store”, so he opened Tricolonial on Prague’s Nikolajka Street – a little shop, a little cafe, a little wine bar, a place that gained immense popularity not just among Smíchov residents. And now it has spread far to the south of Bohemia, in particular to Tábor, sought after by gastronomic lovers. A few years ago, he and his wife Maria bought a house near the town of South Bohemian, so it was even closer to them.

“The idea for Tábor Triko came about because Marie is originally from Tábor – and a few years ago we bought an old house nearby, which we are currently renovating and there will also be a small factory for our products. When we found out that the T10 bistro was down the street Pražská, not far from Žižkova náměstí, which has a hunger window, will close at the end of 2022, we decided to take over the place.” Burda said.

Photo: Michal Burda

Michal Burda, co-owner of Tricolonial

Thanks to the bigger kitchen, more cooking is done at Tábor’s Trik. The Burds are joined by Vojta Kalášek, a chef who, among other things, works at Amaso and is an expert in drying meat. “Therefore, logically we will have large refrigerators for drying meat right on site and we will be dedicated to producing our own dry-dried ham and salami. Thanks to the hunger window, we will also function as a modern buffet, so we will have a menu of dishes constant stream of quality ingredients, burgers, beef jerky, meatloaf in buns, hot dogs but also soups and a variety of daily specials..” Burda added.

In addition, beers from small breweries, selected coffees from an Italian Faema E61 machine from 1965, natural wines, kombucha, respectable cakes and many other goodies. Guests can enjoy food and drink at a buffet table in front of the window, at the bar or on the lawn in the courtyard.

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