The Czech Republic’s population increased last year solely due to migration, the highest death toll since the war

The number of deaths then exceeded the number of births by 28,100. This is the deepest natural population decline in the history of the Czech Republic since 1918, the Czech Statistical Office (CSO) informed today. According to him, however, the population of the Czech Republic increased by 21,900 to 10.516 million last year.

“The reason for population growth during 2021 is simply the positive balance of foreign migration, when the number of immigrants exceeds the number of emigrants by 50,000,” said Terezie tyglerová, head of CZSO’s department of demographic statistics.

For example, more than 1.27 million people lived in Prague at the end of last year, which is nearly 14,000 more than at the beginning. There are more births than deaths, but the increase in population is mainly due to migration.

Prague swells thanks to migration

Last year, 15,157 people were born and 14,460 people died in the capital, so 697 people had a natural increase in Prague. However, most of the increase was due to migration, which amounted to 15,296 people. In 2021, 46,989 people immigrated to the city and 31,693 moved. Last year, statistics recorded 5,704 marriages and 2,404 divorces. In 2020, 249 fewer marriages were finalized, while there were 229 more divorces than last year.

The capital remains the second most populous region in the Czech Republic. In first place is the Region of Central Bohemia, where at the end of the year lived nearly 1.39 million people. The regions of South Moravia and Moravia-Silesia also have more than one million inhabitants.

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