Ester Ledecká is the biggest internet jumper. He beat Pančochová and Sáblíková

Internet jumper statistics captures the questions people are asking many times more than ever before. This year, domestic users search for information on the Internet very often, the main search terms show a search frequency of five times higher than at the last Olympics, which took place last summer in Tokyo.

Based on Vyhledávání being the aforementioned Esther Ledecká. His name is also the most searched phrase regarding the ongoing Olympics.

Second place went to snowboarder árka Pančochová, third to speed skater Martina Sáblíková. Markéta Davidová, a biathlete and world champion of the endurance race at the 2021 World Championships in Pokljuka, came in fourth.

árka Pančochová in slope style.

Photo: Jean-yves Ahern, Reuters

Martina Sáblíková rejoices at the bronze medal.

Photo: Susana Vera, Reuters

“Czech interest in the Olympics in Beijing was reflected in search terms on even before the start of the Olympics. Related terms now appear regularly among so-called trending topics – in the ‘Search’ menu on our homepage. Improved search for related terms with the Olympics it may be because athletes are attracted to people even when they are not competing. They are becoming more and more sought after when the Olympics start,” said Ondřej mejkal, data analyst.

It’s also interesting that the ongoing match in Beijing piqued Czechs’ interest in a sport they used to watch quite a bit. For example, we are talking about curling, which otherwise Internet users watch quite a bit.

There is more interest in this sport on the internet than in hockey or biathlon. “Czechs are clearly familiar with this sport, one of the most sought-after variants of a search query is the ‘curly rule’,” said mejkal.

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