The end of World War II will be commemorated in Kielce

On May 8, 1945, the bloodiest war in history ended, which according to various data claimed from 60 to 78 million people’s lives. The National Victory Day celebration in Kielce will take place in front of the Four Legion Monument.

Kielce. Celebrating the 76th anniversary of the end of World War II Photo of Jaroslaw Kubalski / Radio Kielce

Marek Jończyk of the Kielce branch of the National Memorial Institute stressed that it was total war. The Poles were the first to experience it. During World War II, 6 million of our comrades died, including about 500,000. soldier. The rest lost their lives as a result of the colonial policy of deliberate extermination, mainly as a result of extermination in concentration camps and mass shootings.

– During World War II, completely new war techniques were used. We are talking mainly about blitzkrieg, that is, blitzkrieg. It strikes, not necessarily military, targets with heavy artillery, aviation, and armored weapons. This, of course, has a specific purpose, which we see now being realized when we look at Ukraine. It was primarily about crushing the opponent’s resistance at all costs, historians point out.

The celebration in front of the Legion Four Monument will start at 2 pm. First, the national flag will be flown and the national anthem will be sung. There will also be an Appeal of Remembrance, salutations and wreaths from the people of the więtokrzyskie Province.

Then participants will head to the Military and Partisan Cemetery, where they will pray together. State and local authorities will also light candles at war victims’ graves.

Military assistance will be provided by the 10th więtokrzyska Territorial Defense Brigade for them. large Eugeniusz Gedymin Kaszyński, ps. “Nurt”, and the Marszałkowska Brass Band will handle the musical arrangements.

Finally, at 3:30 p.m. in the hall of the Provincial House of Culture in Kielce, the Contra Mundum concert will take place. Cast: Norbert Smoliński and dancers from the Studio of Dance and Style “Rewan”.


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Residents of Kielce commemorate the end of World War II

Residents of Kielce commemorate the end of World War II

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