The magical world welcomes hundreds of visitors during its first weekend

Papa Smurf arrives in Brno with his large smurf family. On Friday the 10th welcomed its first visitors to Pavilion C at the Brno Exhibition Center in March. Here, on an area of ​​more than 3500 m2 describes an entire magical world containing a smurf village, enchanted forest and Gargamel’s traps to overcome. One floor higher, there is an equally large amusement and educational park with an ice skating rink, nature trails and other attractions. One visit definitely won’t be enough! Smurfs – Wonder World brings fun for the whole family.

Adventure park Smurfs – Magic World brought the smurfs to the Czech Republic for the first time on a very large scale. Smurfs, whose normal height is the equivalent of three apples stacked on top of each other, invites children and adults to their home and go on an adventure. All this on an area of ​​more than 3500 m2. The extent of the exhibition is also evidenced by its arrival in the Czech Republic with a total of 22 fully loaded trucks.

“The Smurfs are a phenomenon not only in his native Belgium, but also Around the world. A walk through the Smurf Village will feature lots of interactive and animatronic elements, thanks to which visitors young and old will learn to speak the Smurf language, find out which Smurf they are most similar to and eventually transform into it. This makes them part of the story and the smurf world completely absorbs them. count Květa Havelková from JVS Group, the organizer of the event.

From the smurf village, the journey continues into an enchanted forest that glows mysteriously. After overcoming obstacles and escaping from the wizard’s cage, visitors will feel the taste of victory over the defeated Gargamel. The buttons around it hide a lot of surprises: Gargamel’s roar, the buzz of a purple fly, or Azrael’s meow with animation.

Smurf, UN ambassador

Every day, the Smurfs try not only to protect their village from the evil Gargamel, but also to protect the forest around it and the animals in it. This is why the United Nations has chosen them as ambassadors for the 17 global goals for the sustainable development of the planet. These include, for example, health and quality of life, equality between men and women, sustainable cities and towns, responsible production and consumption, and climate action.

Smurfs – Wonder World brings not only fun, but also knowledge. The mission of this project is to inspire children and their friends to protect the environment. Visitors learn in a fun way about the need for nature protection, climate change, and details about life in the Czech jungle. Together with the smurfs, they will experience an exciting adventure in which they will defeat the evil wizard Gargamel and his cat Azral and save the world.

“In addition to this section, the Smurfs educational and amusement park – Magic World also created two educational natural history trails full of beautiful photographs. We collaborated with the editors of National Geographic and Charles University School of Natural Sciences,” added Květa Havelková.

Two floors of entertainment for one entry fee

The Smurfs’ magical world tour will end with a flight on a crane through virtual reality. The journey to the cloud will take about 5 minutes and 50 seats are available. So visitors don’t have to worry that it won’t reach them.

They can then proceed to the first floor, where another attraction awaits them. In addition to the natural history trails already mentioned, they can look forward to a large LEGO playroom, traffic playground, ice skating rink, bouncy castle and other VR. Here too, entertainment will be combined with education. In the ecological zone, both children and adults can try their hand at sorting the waste properly. The attractions on the first floor will be replenished gradually, so visitors will get a new experience every time. In short, one visit is not enough!

Adventure, fun and education park The Smurfs – Magic World is open until the end of summer vacation, which is September 3, 2023. Open every weekday from 10am to 7pm, and on weekends from 9am to 7pm.

Tickets are sold online Ticketstream.

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