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The South Moravia region is facing major strides in health care. Negotiations on the possible transfer of the Boskovice City Hospital and changes in the regional hospital in Ivančice in Brno will take place soon. If the plan is successful, it will be expanded according to patient care offices in the area.

Regional councilors started discussing changes in the healthcare structure this week. “We were contacted by the city management of Boskovice and the University Hospital in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Anne in Brno (FNUSA). Boskovice wanted to talk about the possibility of moving the city hospital to the regional one, and FNUSA, on the other hand, about the transfer of the Ivančice regional hospital to the faculty hospital. That is why an expert working group was set up to evaluate whether it makes sense for the health sector in the region,the governor explained Jan Grolich (KDU-ČSL).

The regional council entrusted the deputy governor with negotiating the changes Jiří Nantl (ODS). According to the deputy, the discussion is still at the beginning. It is important to check the feasibility and meaningfulness of both plans and ensure that employees of all hospitals affected by the possible transfer have been notified. “We are concerned with ensuring full acute care for residents even in parts of the region outside the Brno agglomeration, where the faculty hospital operates, and thus at least maintaining its current levels. This will be an insurmountable limit for us in these negotiations.” said Nantl.

According to Boskovic’s management, the debate about transferring the city hospital to the administration of the South Moravia Region has already started. “The priority is for the residents of Boskovice and the entire catchment area to maintain the quality and coverage of healthcare within its current reach, hence the ambition is to expand these services. Last but not least, it is important to us that good working conditions are maintained for hospital employees in all position and rank.” said the mayor Jana Syrovátková (Amendment 22).

Maintaining the quality of care and further development will also await the Ivančice hospital, which Brno FNUSA wants to take over. The facility will offer residents in the region a wider range of outpatient care. “In turn, this will be an opportunity for our hospital to expand expertise, for example gynecology, obstetrics or LDN,“explained the director of FNUSA Vlastimil Vajdák.

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