The Russian elite quickly invited Putin, a formidable Ukrainian intelligence officer. Zelensky is ready to act, but warns against the wolves of the world

Several representatives of Russia’s political and business elites are now considering President Vladimir Putin’s suggestion so that Moscow’s relationship with the landslide can be re-established. Referring to the allegations of the Ukrainian intelligence services, this was disclosed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Alexander Bortnikov, Federal Security Service (FSB), should be Putin’s successor. The information provided by the Ukrainian daily Kyiv Independent cannot be reversed. Russia’s reaction is also unknown. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to negotiate with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. At the same time, he warned that bargaining could mean “slaying the wolves of the world.” Zelenskyj stated this in an interview with CNN America.

Pu against Putin and installed by the FSB?

According to Ukrainian intelligence, a group of influential people was formed in Russia who disagreed with Putin’s actions. Their task is to remove the president from power as soon as possible so that they can re-establish mutual economic ties with the Zpadenie ponien wolves to Ukraine.

Putin’s successor is equal. He should have been Alexander Bortnikov, a Russian pioneer and Putin’s teacher from the KGB. According to Ukrainian intelligence, he has fallen out of favor in recent days because of the belittled situation in Ukraine. The Russian armed forces did not expect such resistance and hoped that they would move faster in the country. And firstly Bortnikov and his men who were previously in charge of analyzing the situation of the Ukrainian population and the capabilities of the Ukrainian army.

Zelensky: I’m ready for one. Fail me to get to the world of wolves

“I am ready to meet me. I have been ready for the last two years. And I don’t think we can end this wolf without negotiations,” Zelenskyj said in an interview with American newspaper Fareed Zakaria. “If there’s even a one percent way we can stop the wolves, I think we have to uproot them,” he added.

According to Zelensk, Russian troops have “killed and exterminated” Ukrainians for their work: Although the Ukrainian army has proven that it is capable of arming itself with the Russians and returning them, it means another loss of life. “I also think that we should take any form, any action, to make it happen so that we can talk to Putin. But if this effort is strong, it means wolves of the world,” added the Ukrainian president.

Ruth and Ukraine negotiated it over the past few rounds, so far without drastic results. In recent days, various actions have come from various actions, including Zelensky, with positive signals, a different view on the situation and British diplomacy Liz Trussov on Saturday accused Moscow of not taking up the talks. Along with the negotiations, the Russian flow continued in many Ukrainian cities, where civilians had long since died.

Asked about Russia’s demands for recognition of Crimea’s part from Russia, recognition of the independence of the two separatist republics at the country’s entrance, and the fact that Ukraine will never become a member of NATO, Zelenysky replied that there was a “compromise” that Ukraine could not enter into negotiations with Putin. As he added, Ukrainian Russian troops “don’t beat with flowers, beat them with guns in hand”. “You can’t win over another country’s population by force,” he said.

If Ukraine became a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Russia would not think about it, thought Volodymyr Zelensky. “If we were a member of NATO the wolves would not have started. I just wanted to get security skills for my country and my people,” the Ukrainian president said. Sttm NATO also thanked Ukraine for the assistance they have provided since the invasion. “If NATO members are ready to see us in the alliance, do so now, because people die here every day,” he added.

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