The ten best quizzes from the world of cars in 2021

The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end and the reading of our article shows once again how popular our quizzes are among our readers. We have selected ten of the best that we have prepared in the past year. Don’t forget to write your final score in the discussion below this article.

Do you know what the selected car button is for?

With the hard work of car designers, functional controls on the newest cars have shifted from classic buttons to touchscreen infotainment, but so far it looks like not all buttons will disappear altogether. There are a lot of them in today’s cars and correct orientation in them requires manual or experience. Do you know them?

Nicknames and popular names of famous cars

Vejtřaska, Kachna or Hadimrška. There are a lot of nicknames and popular names of more or less famous cars, so we thought to test your knowledge of the folk names of our own and foreign four-wheeled pets. Will you succeed without errors?

General automotive gimmick

What is meant by “record”, what equipment is meant by “holobyt”, who is meant by “kinderkamioňák” or which road users ride the “can”? We’ve selected the most famous and interesting slang expressions from automotive gimmick so you can test how well you know them. So how do you believe?

Skoda Roomster is popular in puzzles

what modern era code is most different from the others? Sure, it’s the current Enyaq iV, but what was it like before? Of course, it was the Koda Roomster, a handy MPV, which was the only car of its kind in the automaker’s history. Can you answer our riddle about unicorns correctly?

Forgotten historical historical Skoda

Most automotive enthusiasts have a basic knowledge of the history of the car manufacturer Mladá Boleslav koda, but only brand lovers or true experts in all things four-wheelers can handle more detailed information. Remember the forgotten history of Skoda and put your knowledge to the test.

Do you recognize each car by its gear lever?

The shift lever is no longer just a classic lever. The advent of automatic transmissions has provided automotive designers with new tools that can beautify interiors. What used to be called “shift levers” could be fashion accessories, rotary knobs, or button panels. But do you know what’s in which car?

Are you familiar with automotive technical terms?

In today’s driving schools, automotive technology is no longer taught, because modern cars are reliable and do not require roadside repairs, but a basic knowledge of technical solutions from the world of cars can be useful to everyone. Can you tackle ten questions on the topic of automotive technical concepts?

How do you get to know the physics and characteristics of driving a car?

In a quiz about physics and basic driving characteristics, we’ll remember the basics of driving in ten questions and maybe even learn something new. With which driving concept are we most at risk of tipping over when exiting corners quickly, and on which side of the car are the wheels turning faster in corners? Try to answer this in our quiz.

Do you recognize a car by its steering wheel or its parts?

We may not even be aware of it, but the steering wheel and its parts are one of the basic elements that we have to get to know the car. After all, this is the interior part that we see most often when driving. Can you handle this particular quiz?

Where are these famous cars made? State your country of origin

Is Bugatti an Italian or French automaker? Do you know Sbarro and where he came from? In which country was Spyker founded, producing modern luxury cars with aviation inspiration? Test your knowledge of the origins of famous brands in a quiz about their “real” country.

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