The world is on the path of prosperity, both fairs are a thing of the past, kf praskho Vstavit

PAs long as there are no pilgrimages, people have no reason to go there. In recent years, the village of Vstavitidozh has changed. Towards the end of the reconstruction of the quarter billion Kikov pavilions built for hot springs in the 90s, which were demolished in 2002. The vice chairman of the council, Tome Hbla is after their master and they can make themselves visible.

HN: Why should a hunter go to Vstavit? Many people still have it because it is almost deserted, empty.

When I went up years ago, it was abandoned here, there were remnants of the flood. And people who lost us to a mistake with a dog, we took pictures and sent them to the chat with the words: Look, they are like him. Today, when you are here in lt, whatever happens here, you will find a lot of people here – walking around, with kids, picnicking. Letting go is a mistake we are trying to fix with marketers and action. At the bottom, Enter in actually changed. There is a restored gastronomy, there are lots of kids clubs, public grills, picnic meadows, a newly opened skate park. There are summer programs for Kikov, there are concerts and exhibitions in the pavilion. The horse began to rebuild and burned Prmyslov’s thumb.

HN: People have had to build a lot of relationships with the family of Václav Koka, who runs the mataj farm and his company takes care of the are…

Talking about the area in relation to the Koks is a total anachronism. There’s no way in this. She started with mayor Adriana Krnov, who canceled the table behind – she finished the mountain track, ferris wheel, and race track that stood there for years. We have also brought orders for peace and security, which in the past went to the Kokovch company.

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