A wild party on a hot summer day in the snow? Why not. Chomutov’s wolf is very fond of this type of entertainment. And they will enjoy it this year too. They will be playing in the snow on Saturday, June 24th. “For Saturday morning, at 10:15 a.m., we ordered a solid snowdrift for the wolves and prepared a companion commentary for you at the same time. Come on, you definitely won’t regret it,” Chomutov’s zoo invites you to visit and get an unusual experience.

The muskrat also cooled down. “Furthermore, we will also be transporting snow to the muskox, who are also enjoying it well. We are looking forward to it,” the zoo announced.

It also lives with pink flamingos. The herd has grown significantly. “We revived flocks with flamingos from three different Czech zoos,” the zoo informed.

In Prunéřov, they blew up a 200 meter high power plant chimney.

VIDEO: They blew up Pruner’s two hundred meter chimney. See how he falls

Visitors may also note that the flamingos are in a smaller fenced area, whereas at other times they are already in a large water display. There is a reason for that, and a happy reason. “We will have to let the new flamingos get used to the winter in the future. At the same time, our secret wish came true, the large flock felt very comfortable and safe where seven pairs had nested and laid their eggs. Which is an absolute record in the history of the zoo,” the zoo said.

“For now, we leave the flamingos in the patch where they can take care of the nest, and we can help them with that. Surveillance, protection from predators and regular watering. Yes, mud is part of it. We just have to wait how the eggs will come out, how many chicks will eventually hatch, how the parents will be able to care for them. Then we release everyone into the big room. So keep hope for us and especially the flamingos,” added zoo representative Chomutov.

Gift of Jiří Popel from Lobkovice in the crypt of St.  Kateřiny in Chomutov.

IMAGE: Jiří Popel from the Lobkovice Awards presented at Chomutov

Zoo visitors welcome another summer novelty. And that’s the new exposition that just opened in the reptile pavilion. There is a new walking tunnel and a large pond for the turtles, the outdoor terrarium is being modernized.