This mother gave birth to eight babies in nine years! Others are on their way –

Meet Kristen – soon to be a mother of nine children, who is completely devoted to her family. Spending time with her children is her number one priority. He even teaches older children at home. “Even though it’s really hard sometimes, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world,” says Kristen. Check out the gallery of how he lived and his ever-expanding family package.

Kristen Schroder, 37, lives with her extended family in the US state of Mississippi. Over the course of nine years, she and her husband have managed to have eight children (the eldest son is ten, the youngest daughter is one) and another is on the way. He must be born in August. Courage, determination, and positive thinking are qualities this mother definitely lacks.

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“There are days and weeks when you feel like nothing is wrong, sometimes it’s difficult with the kids, there are times when you doubt whether you’re doing everything right. Despite all that – cherish your time with your kids, enjoy every moment, they It grows really fast and you don’t want to miss it.” Kristen told other parents. And he added: “I love my time with them, I like them around me. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have days when I think about how nice it would be to go grocery shopping alone.

Homeschooling became my profession a few years ago. We study with children several hours a day, although they may spend less time on school lessons than their friends who go to school. After each hour of study, we take a ten to fifteen minute break to get angry or show off, but then we honestly go back to the book and do the necessary work. After that, the rest of the day was fun, playing, reading, visiting friends. We go out as much as possible, the kids go to a lot of clubs, they are dedicated to music and sports,” describe Christianity.

“Study at home is very difficult. It can be a very ungrateful job, when the gifts won’t show up for you until years later. When I feel I can’t go on and keep my head afloat anymore, my husband always encourages and supported me when he told me I could do it.” profess to be Christian.

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